L'Ombra della Vendetta (The Shadow of Vengeance)

L'Ombra della Vendetta is a fanfiction about World of Warcraft.
Don't feel discouraged from its length, the story seems huge but is actually pretty short. I hope you'll give it a try.

This is a work of fantasy. The entire world where it takes place is owned by Blizzard Entertainment.
This story and its main characters are products of the author’s twisted imagination.

Its content may be not suitable for sensitive people, because it contains acts of violence even towards defenseless people.


15. Chapter 15

It was late night and only one table in the room was still occupied. Taking turns, illuminated by candlelight, the small group of people were still telling their adventures of war. Pat instead, resting her head on the table, had been sleeping for some hours and a sound of light snoring came from her.

First it was Lithos' time, many people knew what happened in the War of the Ancients. But it was no ordinary thing hearing it from the words of someone who had lived it: at the time, he was one of the arcanists serving Illidan. Refusing to follow the queen's orders about opening the famous portal, he fled before nightfall to join the rebels. At the time its species could hardly bear the light of the sun, especially those spoiled nobles. He had never tolerated that life...

He liked, however, Illidan. He hadn't that lust for power that everyone was talking about, he was just trying to defend the ones he loved. Surely at the time he was a reckless boy, but Lithos himself was also one, ten thousend years earlier. When the one that later they called 'The Betrayer' poured the vials of the Well of Eternity in Nordrassil, he certainly hadn't accepted Archdruid Malfurion's decision. Life imprisonment for his twin brother, absolute ban to practice arcane magic for the others. Many night elves accepted those rules, but not him. He preferred to run away a second time, to follow his path. He had no friends. He left the Dath'Remar's Highborne, he betrayed the Highborne loyal to Azshara. He wasn't welcome in Silvermoon. His head had a bounty in Eldre'Thalas. And even in Mount Hyjal there was no place for him. What has happened since, were thousands of years of solitude and meditation, wandering Azeroth...

Then came Razlo's turn, who spoke more recent events. He narrated about every single battle he had against the orcs on Draenor. He had witnessed their barbarity when Gul'dan took command of the Old Horde, wiping out entire villages of peaceful draenei. Where was A'dal, where was the Light, when he and Akama fled from Karabor surrounded by children's corpses? He then described the destruction of Draenor. The story about how Ner'zhul tried to open new portals, wrecking the planet, was known to all. But the sensation, the fear of what is like to feel the very earth move under their feet, not knowing if the world would meet its own salvation or would disappear shortly thereafter, the others proved it just recently, after the Cataclysm. He then recounted about Kael'thas and the blood elves, when they attacked Tempest Keep. That day he was there too, with the Prophet, in those which a bit earlier were called Fields of Farahlon. They had taken the Exodar and fled away into the Twisting Nether, before being overwhelmed by the enemy forces.

"I returned there, in Netherstorm, some time after." he added, drinking one more drink "Kael'thas may have ran away, but Tempest Keep is back in the... right hands" he said.

"And you?" asked the mage "You said that you participated in the battle for the liberation of the Ashtongue."

"Sure" said the defiant warlock, who had definitely been drinking a bit too much "I knew him, that Akama. Dude of few words, always giving me the evil eye" she added, laughing.

"You know what he thinks about demons" said softly the sister.

"Come on!" exlaimed the warlock, petting the felhunter that slept next to her "Sophia, you know better than me that Luuthun wouldn't hurt even a fly. Well, unless I ask him, of course."

"But that time he tried to absorb Astrid's magical powers while she was sleeping. Remember how angry she got..."

"Astrid?" asked the mage "A friend of yours?"

The twins looked at each other.

"We were on the same party" said the warlock remembering the past "Our code name was '4G', the strongest King Gelbin sent to war against the Burning Legion!"

"Besides me and my sister Physia" the priest added "There were Astrid the mage and Callie the rogue."

The eyes of the two friends suddenly lighted, but before they could open their mouths were anticipated to be a voice from their right.

"Could you tell us something about them?" Pat asked with apparent unconcern, as she caressed her hair.

"They withdrew into private life, after that battle" specified the priest, but she has been soon overwhelmed by her sister's words.

"Oh, they were just fantastic. Callie has literally ripped apart pieces from Illidan's elementals while she was fighting against them. Would you believe it? She kept burning for weeks, after that brilliant move." she said sarcastically, and laughing she continued "How much Astrid yelled at her, that one time! But she was so much determined, she heard from I do not know what bum in Shattrath that the crystals obtained from elemental of that species were better than that of any metal in our world."

"But" Sophia objected "She refused the heals I offered her. I tried to tell her that cooling hands in ice would not have had the same effect, but she wouldn't to hear reasons, she only accepted help from Astrid."

"You didn't understand anything" grinned her sister "It was just an excuse to make us go away and thus be able to spend the night with her..."

The little white-haired priest then blushed and stopped talking.

"They're... lovers?" asked the mage, quite curious about that costumes of the gnomes he heard some time.

"They were..."

The twins looked again at each other.

"We heard long afterwards" said Sophia "We were in Ulduar at that time."

"The third expedition of Brann Bronzebeard" specified Physia with a bit of pride "The exploration in search of the Titans' secrets."

"They lived in Hillsbrad, near the sea, a small house between Dun Garok and Southshore" the priest continued "Once we even went to visit them. They were so happy."

"Until the arrival of the Horde" said her sister spitting on the ground "They sloshed around that mess of Plague. Hundreds of dead. That's not the way to wage a war."

The others were listening carefully.

"But she met a worse end ..." added the most sensitive gnome, losing a tear.

"As far as we are told" specified the other one "A Horde group, sent ahead to the exploration of the territory, before the big assault, found Astrid alone at home."

She began to comfort her sister, before continuing the story.

"They must had a good time, those pigs. Callie found her lifeless. She was naked, completely covered in blood."

A tear began to form in her proud eyes too.

"We haven't seen her again. But we were told that she's no longer... the person she was." the warlock finally said, leaning hes head against her twin's one.

"May the Light have mercy upon them." Sophia sobbed.

There was a long silence, the evening could definitely be considered closed. While greeting the two sisters, thanking them for the time spent together, the three of them walked to their accommodation for the night.

"What do you think?" asked Razlo yawning "I think we were right to avoid to talk about our mission."

"Definitely." agreed the mage "What an awful story. She's hunting down people who raped and killed her beloved one."

"But even with such information, we don't know where to find her" said the paladin, scratching his head.

"If I were her, I would be at her grave. To cry." As usual, Pat had slipped in the conversation without being noticed "Let's go to Hillsbrad?"

For the first time, Lithos and Razlo noticed a different expression on the druid's face. She looked incredibly serious and determined.

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