L'Ombra della Vendetta (The Shadow of Vengeance)

L'Ombra della Vendetta is a fanfiction about World of Warcraft.
Don't feel discouraged from its length, the story seems huge but is actually pretty short. I hope you'll give it a try.

This is a work of fantasy. The entire world where it takes place is owned by Blizzard Entertainment.
This story and its main characters are products of the author’s twisted imagination.

Its content may be not suitable for sensitive people, because it contains acts of violence even towards defenseless people.


14. Chapter 14

Three figures sadly overlooked on the chasm where once the lush Park of Stormwind stood.

"Too bad" commented the druid "It was a really nice park. I think." with a questioning look.

The paladin sighed. "Now what?"

"Master Shaw has been clear" said the mage with the purple dressing "All documents concerning the missions in Outland were here."

The leader of SI:7 called it "facilities' relocation". Apparently,for the buildings' renovating that were undergoing at the time, there wasn't room for the old archives about previous wars anymore. They then decided to move their satellite offices located in the Park, until the day Deathwing decided to stop in Stormwind's whereabouts, incinerating the whole quarter along with most of those who stood on the place. The reason he hasn't done the same with the rest of the city was still a mystery, but at that time did not matter. The three figures, looking for a last time the crater from which they could not obtain the desired information, then decided to walk towards the center of Stormwind.

"Stormwind is really a beautiful city," said the druid, breaking the silence that has been created "But I remembered it to be... different. It's as if something changed."

"Have you already been here?" asked the mage.

"Oh yes!" said the druid, adding "In a dream." as if it was the most normal thing in the world.

The paladin brought then his purple palm on his face.

"By the way," he said, "Tell us, why are you here?"

The druid interrupted them, in Mount Hyjal, while they were taking the portal heading to Stormwind. She simply asked if she could follow them. The two friends, exchanging a glance, couldn't find any reason why they should refuse.

"I'd like to find Callie" replied lightheartedly the druid "I like her. And now that war is over at Firelands, there's not much to do." adding "Well, even before I didn't do so much. I usually spent my days sleeping."

The mage chuckled, he knew some druids before. And in fact, most lived in that way.

But you couldn't surely say many druids were like her. There was something, something strange, but the Loremaster couldn't quite figure out what it was.

"I like to drink" said the silver-armored draenei, almost surprisingly "What about going to a tavern? We can't spend all day crying over burned archives."

"Good idea" said the silver-haired friend "Make way, I only know the Magic Quarter in this city. Other than the runes vendor, I wouldn't know where to head."

"What a nuisance" commented the paladin "I know little about these roads."

They had just left behind the Cathedral, where Razlo certainly had no intention of making a visit, when they approached a guard.

"Good day soldier" bowed, showing the grades on his chest "Could you maybe send us to the tavern with the best alcohol around here?"

"Good day to you, sir" saluted the guard, in a serious but friendly tone "We have two good taverns, but if you like to drink, if I may make a personal recommendation..."

"You may, indeed" giggled the paladin, placing a hand on the guard's shoulder.

"The inn here in the Dwarven Quarter is the best. Since they have taken under management, the customers of competitors has dropped significantly. And no offense, it's certainly not for sweet Thaegra's legs, the tavern-keeper."

The paladin bursted into laughter. He had known lots of female dwarves, since Exodar crashed into Azeroth's lands, and although they were really nice you couldn't say they were his type. Maybe he was old-style, but he preferred the females of his own race: tall and sinuous, with all the forms in the right place, but especially with two hoves at the end of the legs. Razlo still couldn't watch feet of the females of the other races that inhabited the planet. And walking to the tavern, he had serious problems about looking at the ground: Patricia wore simple sandals, which left uncovered all the fingers. Her feet were so... weird. The were very impressive. He wasn't racist, he had never been. But he definitely preferred to leave some things to others.

Sitting at a table, the three ordered. While Lithos chose a simple grapefruit flavored beer, Razlo exaggerated, by ordering the entire menu of dwarven beers: one after another, he listed all the available types of simple, spicy and special drinks. What was special was the secret of the house, but he still managed to guzzle a huge amount without asking. He was able to drink large amounts of alcohol before getting drunk.

Pat, in the general surprise, asked for simple water.

"You don't have to worry, I'm offering everything" objected the mage "We're on a mission from the Kirin Tor. I am entitled to a considerable refund for food and accommodation."

"Thank you" smiled the druid "But it's not necessary, I usually just take this .... I've already seen that symbol."

"I'm sorry?"

"That symbol" Pat pointed out casually, indicating to something behind Lithos "I've already seen it somewhere..."

A bit surprised by the sudden change of subject, the mage turned. In the table behind him, there were two little female gnomes. One had white hair, enclosed in two braids, wore a white priestly dress with golden ornaments and seemed to have an expression of silent embarrassment. The other one, with black hair combed to one side, was instead joking a bit noisy while holding a boar's leg. She wore two showy pauldrons, dragon-shaped, over a garish purple and green dress. And there, on her chest, she wore the emblem seen by druid: the Tabard of the Illidari.

The mage slightly elbowed the paladin, who was drinking without having realized what had happened.

"Tell me '" said the mage "That emblem, doesn't it remind you anything?"

"Eyup" replied the friend "You knew him, right?"

"Once" sighed the magician, standing up "It was another era."

"Were you there when he has been defeated?" asked the draenei, standing up from the table too.

"No, I was on a secret mission in Kirin Var. Well, what's left of it."

They started walking.

"You were there?"

"Nope. I didn't think Akama would have tolerated my presence. There are still old disagreements between us."

Approaching the table, the mage smiled to the two gnomes.

"Good afternoon, ladies."

The two returned the salute, with different tones. The one dressed in black was certainly more self-confident than the other, far more timid.

"Me and my friend were wondering why a pretty gnome decided to carry on herself... the Illidari's colors."

Razlo felt the dwarven beer mingle in his stomach, hearing the concept of 'pretty gnome'.

"War Trophy" said the warlock from her raised chair "When he died I was there." she added proudly, beating on her chest.

The other shorty whispered something.

"Do not mind us, are you afraid?" asked the paladin "We're all friends, all veterans. Me and this guy" he said, pointing to the mage "We fought together with Muradin, to reach the top of Icecrown. We were there, the day the Lich King met his end."

"What my sister would like to say, is that both of us were there that day at the Black Temple."

"Y-yes" whispered the little priest.

Now who they looked better at them, those two were really alike. You could almost say they were...

"Yes, we're twins" told the black haired one in advance "Well, yes, some 'details' are different." she chuckled "And our ways too. But maybe two as you wouldn't be able to understand" she added, referring to the fact that neither the night elf community nor the draenei one tolerated warlock among their ranks.

"I've lived about ten thousand years in solitude" said the mage serene "I learned that diversity isn't always bad. And other people's decisions must be always accepted, even if you disagree with them."

"Ten thousand years are just so many." commented on the green haired druid who, without being noticed, and especially without asking, had already settled down at the table of their interlocutors "Have you witnessed the War of the Ancients?"

"He attended it" answered the paladin, proud of his friend, or maybe just a bit tipsy.

"Him" asked the black haired twin, pointing again to the colors she wore on her chest "Did you know him?"

"Once" sighed again the mage, sitting at the table "It was another era."

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