John's Revenge

Explores the issue of bullying...both sides! My first post - enjoy!


1. John's Bullying Experience

It was a glorious summer’s day, the sun shone with a sparkle as eye-catching as the most beautiful rose on the planet. The ground was glittering with delight, almost as it would say   ‘Hey you, look at me, I’m the most luxurious floor in the land.’

The droning sound of a lawnmower from a nearby garden fitted in faultlessly. Also you could hear school children’s chaotic chattering of aimless speech and babble. The air smelt congenial and fresh from the newly mown grass. The grass was so finely cut it could pierce the skin like a stiletto heel.

 The taste of grass was substantial and the flavour was flowery and strong. It would stay with you wherever you would go. Its stalking taste cannot be disposed of.

John was a normal school kid with jet black hair and sapphire blue eyes. His hair was as black as the night and his eyes were shimmering with sunlight. John was a very secluded child ever since he was a baby. He has always been a nerdy boy, always listening in class and his knowledge has progressed significantly throughout the year.

Billy is also a school student along with Dave and Joe. Billy, Dave and Joe are all muscular kids but Billy is by far the most muscular out of the three. Dave, the leader of the group, and is highly bossy fellow bossing his friends and family around. He makes them do what he wants and when he wants them to do it. His fierce, well-built body is scary enough to frighten the most fearful lion.

Billy’s hair was on the greasy side and was styled to be scruffy. Dave’s hair was a radiant brown and glistened in the sunlight whereas Joe’s hair was a natural blonde with shades of mahogany brown. Joe has a rather ear-piercing voice as he shouts everything he says.

John was just minding his business, casual and alone. He was scripting his novel about a young desolate boy marooned on an island far away from shore and the only thing he could were trees, sand and the great flicker of the miraculous shimmer of the sea as the sun shone down.

Big Dave’s group were all bundled together visualizing their prank on John as he stood there like a lemon. Billy insisted that the plan was going to have a great effect on his entire life until the day he dies. This would bring robust name calling and mockery to him

Meanwhile John had finished the first chapter of his novel and presented a lot of praise from his work. Feeling extremely content about his novel, John strolled with a superlative style across the over-crowded playground, but all was not to be so pleasing as Billy, Dave and Joe all started shuffling closer and closer towards poor little John.

At this time Dave’s group were about fifty yards away from scrawny John. They were in a formation where Dave was at the front, walking strongly whilst his feet dragged along the floor. The sound that his feet made as they dragged along the floor was like the screeching of a baby child. As they got closer and closer Dave’s feet dragged along the floor as fast as a cheetah running at full pace.

As John was unaware of his followers he was still feeling incredibly ecstatic about himself and was as Homer Simpson in a doughnut shop. John suddenly came to a halt. He was putting his books in his bag but Dave was right behind him. Dave crept up behind John and with an instinctive mechanism he seized John’s trousers and yanked them down. They slipped down his legs along with is jade green boxers revealing everything and when I say everything I mean everything.

Although it took only a few seconds it felt more like a few hours for it all to happen. John felt like such an idiotic fool and his pale white face evolved into a burgundy red. Is sapphire blue eyes wee patched with embarrassment.

Everyone outside on the playground saw everything and they all burst out laughing like hyenas. Ten someone shouted with supreme confidence ‘MC SMALLY!’ that was when it all started. The bullying, the mockery and the name calling. It was an unpleasant time of John.

Everyday John would get called ‘MC SMALLY’ and would get mocked for having a less developed penis. It just never stopped so John paced towards Dave and is friends. When he got ther he stood up straight and with a lot of fear mumbled ‘One day I will get my own back and everyone will be laughing at you and not me.’ His voice trembled.

After John’s little speech Dave, Billy and Joe all burst into laughter and were laid on the floor for about ten minutes laughing their heads off. John was still confident that he will get his revenge so e strode away, looking back secretly to see if they were following him.

Fifteen years later…

Billy, Dave and Joe all got jobs working as accountants at John’s Gaming Company. This company belonged to John and had one for several years now.

Everyday John calls Billy, Dave and Joe up to his extremely organised office, filled with multiple snow globes, which John had collected. John always made them work extra hours and they received no added pay for the extra hours.

They all had to clean the toilets until they were squeaky clean. They have to mop the floors, all of the floors in the one hundred storey building with at least 5 rooms in each floor. They had to stack all of John’s paper work.

One night when Dave was cleaning the toilets he passed out and John found him there lying on the floor in a pile of water. After Dave awoke from his little accident John gave him a delightful cup of tea to make him feel better. Just as Dave was about to leave John whispered ‘Hope you enjoyed your fall’. What Dave didn’t know was that John had sneakily stuck on a sticky note that read ‘I’m a virgin’ on his back.

Billy was mopping the floors and was on his last floor and feeling very happy with himself. John realised that he had finished at the top of the building, so he dashed down to the bottom floor, grabbed a bucket of mud and spread it around vigorously on the sparkling floor. As Billy got down to the bottom floor John loomed seemingly ad bellowed ‘You’ve missed a spot.’ John couldn’t have bellowed it in any other way tan in a sarcastic tone.

Joe was starting to stack all of John’s paperwork. Before that John set up a fan which he would turn on and make all his paperwork fly around the room uncontrollably. Joe began to stack the paperwork and was doing it at a moderate pace. Suddenly John switched on the fan and as suspected the paperwork flew uncontrollably around the room with sweet elegance. Immediately John proposed that Joe should pick them up and stack them again. It was well past midnight by the time Joe had finished and took him about 8 hours to do it all.

So John finally got his own back by making them work remarkably hard. You would have thought that John would have stopped after that but John was not fully amused with it. John carried on making them work hard for their entire career life. John’s company made millions of pounds every year and was majorly successful in the gaming industry.

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