Jack's Story


1. Jack's Story

Wednesday 9th September 2012 – 6.45am

Hello, my name is Jack. It’s my first day at secondary school today. First I need to get changed into my school uniform. We wear a baby blue polo shirt with a golden logo crest of St. Walliams. Then put on my charcoal black trousers. Next, I need to put on my shoes. Right, here I go, I am about to go into the next step of my life.

Wednesday 9th September 2012 – 7.45am

Hello, my name is Daniel. It’s my first day in Year 8 and I don’t want to go to school. Anyway I am getting into my school uniform. On with my life, it’s just about to get boring again.

Wednesday 9th September 2012 – 11.00am

Hello, I have had two lessons so far and the first one was a disaster. First I met up with Alex who is generous, helpful, shy, cheerful and valiant. We went to our first lesson, Geography with Mrs Brand and we were feeling like something bad was going to happen, and indeed it did. Daniel Watson from Year 8 was standing outside waiting for me and don’t ask how I got his name so quickly er er ok I will tell you he is a well known bully of St. Walliams and my older sister, Beatrice has been around school watching Daniel making fun of all the unfortunate students. From primary school to now he has always been like that, my sister told me. Anyway Alex told me he wanted to steal my dinner money. I felt uncomfortable and as time went by I got more and more tense until the bell for break went and when I left, Daniel came up to me with his mates – Ben and Joe and demanded me for my dinner money and I said “no” then, getting tenser I started to walk off and he grabbed my wrist and said angrily “Give me your dinner money”. I said “ok” because I was scared and gave him my £5 note that I had in my pocket. “Now, I don’t have any money, Alex” I said sobbing. Alex reassured me and said “Have my money; I’ve brought two £5 notes anyway”. I said relieved “Thanks, you are a good friend”.

Wednesday 9th September 2012 – 11.05am

Wow, I just got £5 from a little creep in Year 7 - JACKPOT, JACKPOT, JACKPOT, He looked so panicked and intimidated. His £5 can go in my collection. Now I have made £20 today so far and £892 all together.

Wednesday 9th September 2012 – 12.55pm

Hi, I have just had the worst lesson in history. Daniel came up to me in Mathematics and punched me right in my face and I collapsed. Mr Watson took me to First Aid and he said “everything going to be alright”. The First aid person said “You are lucky that you didn’t break anything, Afterwards I want you to go with Mr Watson and tell Mr Brown what has been happening”. I said “Yes, Ok”. So, we will have to see what happens

Wednesday 9th September 2012 – 1.20pm

Ha, Ha, Ha I have just punched that creepy Year 7 from earlier. He was sobbing after I wacked him. Later, I might punch and kick him. Anyway, see ya . . . for now.

Wednesday 9th September 2012 – 2.35pm

Hi, I have just been in a meeting with the headmaster, Mr Brown who’s very strict and purposeful. He said “Jack, Mr Watson has told me everything that has happened this morning, but, I want to know if there are any more incidents that have happened”. I responded “After my first lesson, Daniel also ganged up on me and stole my £5 dinner money”. Mr Watson said that he is going to exclude Daniel for a week and keep me in the Social Room during break times and lunchtimes for two weeks just to be on the safe side. Anyway, I hope tomorrow goes better than today.

Later on. . . Daniel was given one week exclusion and admitted to everything including what he said in his journal about punching and kicking Jack the following day.
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