A paradise called hell


1. A distant nightmare


I walked along the warm sandy beach. The whole of the island was red, illuminated by the intoxicating sunset. The smell of saltwater filled the air and all was quiet, nothing to hear but the gentle crashing of the oceans waves.

Just as I was getting into the clam relaxing atmosphere I heard a yell from behind me. “Rose!...Rose!...” I had come to the island with my sister Tina and my son Gorge. Tina came bounding up to me, she was bright red and a look of horror covered her face. As she reached me I tried to calm her “Tina what’s wrong?” She held onto my shoulders gasping for air “Gorge!..The rocks!..Come on!” and with that she ran off back in the direction she came. I followed her.

I ran as fast as I could in a desperate attempt to keep up with Tina, she had always been faster than me. What was happening?! My throght was dry. All I could taste was fear. As we reached the rocks the fear took over

I climbed the wet slippy rocks, my hands grazing as I clawed my way up. I could have found an easier way up but there was no time. I stumbled to the highest point of the rocks and followed Tina to the pit. As I arrived at the hole I burst in to tears nothing could have braced me for what I saw. Gorge laid mangled at the bottom of the pit cut up and caught in the rocks.



Five years has past since then and this is the first time I have been to the island since. This time I came alone Tina couldn’t come, Ever since it happened she has never been able to shake the feeling that it was her fault. Gorge would have been thifteen this year and apparently some of the islanders built him a monument that’s the first place I’m going as soon as I’m unpacked. It’s strange really how some where like this. Someone else’s paradise. Is my hell.

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