Diary Days

Tackles the sensitive issue of racial abuse and bullying. Enjoy - this is my first post!


1. Diary Days

Just another diary writing night packed with complaints and heart ache for Sasha and achievements and planning the next day for Tamsin, the wonderful world of teenagers.


Great … just another day of school just one of these days were you get the silliest stuff taken out of you, just another day of humiliation and crying in the toilet hoping nobody will notice that you are actually upset and alone. You try and tell your friends but there’s no point they just below in laughter and say get on with it, some great friends they are well I’m sick of it, just sick of it now everyday every minute I worry about what people are saying about me behind my back, constantly I worry about it, especially what Tamsin she’s the worst for it. Tamsin is snobby and thinks she is better than everybody else just because she has money. I despise people like that they have everything in the world but always seem to want more and are not happy with what they have already got. It makes me cringe sometimes when everybody follows her around like there lost puppy’s or something!  Why can’t she just be nice to me?  What have I ever done to deserve all this?


Ha ha ha, Sasha’s life is miserable thanks to me, she cries in the toilets after we have teased her.  She thinks we don’t know, well she will tomorrow as I am going to make fun of her stupid skin colour until she runs off crying into the toilets, well let’s just say we are going to try, wash that skin away so she will not be long in this world and disappear, like her not existing will ever happen.  I despise her so much, she’s a dirty skinned mug with only 2 friends and I bet they don’t even like her!! I guess it sucks to be her!


Her stupid mother, Claudia, taking my mum away from me giving her extra money just because they’re poor, well that should  be my money, it should be spent in me not her, my mother needs a reality check about who she should and shouldn’t be friends with and Sasha’s mum is definitely on the should not list.


I have had enough of Tamsin and her stupid games, not only have they upset me again but when I went to the toilet to have a cry, they followed me and poured ice cold water over the cubicle door and soaked me.  It was like being stabbed by a thousand needles as I started to go numb from the cold and to make it worse they waited until I came out, they had a camera and took pictures of me which they then put onto Facebook, Tumbler and Twitter, the pictures were posted anywhere they could get them.  I think I should tell my mum, maybe then she will do something about it, she is good friends with Tamsins’ mum and maybe she could have a word and ask her to have a word with her and ask her to stop it.  If not I would like us to move far, far away then we could start a new life where nobody knows us, that would be really nice.


Yes! Today was a blast we … I mean I humiliated he so much that hopefully that mucky skinned mug will never come back to school, oh and for her mum Claudia I’m going to tell my stupid mother who believes anything  that her darling daughter tells her that Sasha has been bullying me and tell her to fire Claudia otherwise I will never be happy going to school, because if she fires Claudia they will have to move away so she can find a new job far far away from me with her horrifically stupid daughter and I will never see her … I mean them again.


I did it! I  told my mum … finely result she’s going to talk to tiara Tamsins mum and try to work out a way for it all to stop and we can all have a better life without disappointment and crying and all that other junk … I mean,` it couldn’t get any worse could it?

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