That's My Destiny

This is an insight into both sides of bullying. Enjoy!


1. That's my Destiny

You hear all the stories but never really know what to believe. Newspapers, magazines. They are all bias and I think it is important to know really what the truth is and what causes this situation. Many people are thrown into situation which they don’t want to be part of. I despise the thought of people being treated like they don’t deserve a place in this world. How can anyone divide the world in to two sections of the people who are worthy citizens to live on planet earth and those who just have no reason for living?  Excuses from ‘boys will be boys’ and ‘I was only teasing’. It’s a matter that cannot be ignored. A matter to be dealt will there and then. I forgot to mention, my name is Margareta, telling you my story.


Racing to the school with a skip in my step helps me think about all the god thinks in life. Despite the treacherous day ahead of me, the mail man tripped me up with his bike which caused me to collide to the rigid pathway leading to the mighty school. Hearing my hands and knees squelch in the mud as shocked doors opened to see the bomb like figure falling to the ground made shivers run down my spine. Trying to get the jet black mud off my limbs reminded me of a cold I couldn’t get rid of.


First day of secondary school, we all know how that feels. The constant fret you won’t make friend tormented me throughout my experience. You get the same thing in every school. Groups of people with different levels of popularity, it’s all the same. All I can state is that I am not dignified enough to be at the top of the chain. Despite my fall-back, my neighbour, Velma was always at the top of the table. When I saw her, my face filled with fear and the air turned a scold as the Atlantic Ocean. All through my horrific past in primary school, she wouldn’t let me forget the day she aggressively threw me off the decapitated bench in year 6


Nothing was done about it due to the fact that we lived in a village with a tiny corner shop and a Butcher’s. All anyone at the friendly village ate was meat, meat, meat. This is due to every house being a farm. Every farm had animals and every animal as juicy as a ripened orange. Mouth-watering meat was every meal on the table, living in the vision of England, there was a lot to love up to. Hills, rocks, walls and breath-taking walks in a dream. It was a dream come true for me. Yorkshire Dales was my home. My home was the Yorkshire Dales.


Third week of school was when everyone had developed their groups. I was unable to be a part of a click which was another reason for vicious Velma to frustrate m about. Think of it as a scoring competition…

Velma 21 - 0 Margareta

I am in the mist of asking for help but where would I turn to. The constant horror of her waiting to pounce like a lion hunting it prey. This would be the first time she has threatened me and beaten me in the girls changing room and made me pretend that I had fallen and collapsed. Being afraid to go outside at break tormented me. Velma and her gang burning me to the uneven ground because they have the horse power of a herd of horses at the races. Needing to turn somewhere, I walked to the office and asked a question. Where can I get help? Never feeling this emotion before, I had fallen in a black hole of shame knowing people wouldn’t be able to provide me with the information I needed.


Adrenaline taking over my body my petite body, I open the front door of my house whilst holding my rapidly beating heart in my hand. Velma, without a care in the world, decided to ruin my life for the last time. I know that this would be the end of time. If no one was going to help me, I would have to sort it out myself. You heart about adults working stressfully are depressed but depression is never associated with teens. How can I help myself? What if I was not here? No one would miss me! I wouldn’t be bullied and I would be free. Free from my old life. Out with the old, in with the new. But how? Experiences with research from school could come in handy here. I know what I had to do…


Past, present, future. It’s all the same. Step by step leading up to the climax in our lives. Helping others in time of need. Just because I had no help doesn’t mean I should give up my opportunity to help. I have now realised my destiny. My way of life. My dreams have changed. I will be the one thing I didn’t have as a child. Help! A social worker. Why should people be divided in to two sections of the people who are worthy citizens to live on planet earth and those who just have no reason for living? Now, I have decided my way of life and hold my beating heart with pride!


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