A boy got called up for a youth team in scotland. He then got the chance to play Barcelona youth team (best in the world), then something disasterous happened. :(


1. Disaster

One summers day, Ryan was playing football  with his friends. GOAL! he shouted as he whizzed the ball past Joe who was in goals. Just after the ball went in the net, 2 men with shades came up behind Ryan. Ryan was absoloutely delighted as the 2 men asked him to play for a team called The Football East. He even told him to meet up on a training session with the rest of the team!

            After 3 longs day and nights, Ryan got ready to go to the session. "Bye Mum!" he shouted as he walked through the door. Ryan was nervous and excited at the same time. Once he got there, there were around 17 boys standing in a group. He walked over to them, only to hear a man reading an anouncement. He was the coach. He said that they would be playing against Barcelona Youths! Ryan was thrilled. They were the best team in the world. He looked beside him and he saw a bus. There they were, it was the best team in the world coming off the bus. Ryans coach coach then told them to follow him. They walked into a hut and he told Them to sit down. Now, the team to play are- Callum, Tommy, Colin, Kyle, Ben, Ross, Joe, Scott, Chippy, Broxi and..... Ryan was so nervous. He  thought to himself "please be me!" Then he read out Ryan. YES he thought to himself while punching the air. Everyone looked around themselves. "What, whos he" They were saying. The coach pointed at Ryan. "Oh great, a new guy, just what we need. You better be good," Kyle moaned. Ryan felt upset. Ryan and the squad then went and got themselves changed. Once they were hanged they were going down the tunnel. Ryan was so excited. He was number 9. While they were going down the tunnel stairs something awful happened. Ryan fell. "OWWWWW" he screamed in pain. The ambulance took him to hospital, only to find out that he cracked all his ribs and sprained his ankle! He felt gutted as he lay there in his hospital bed. After getting treatment, Broxi came in. "What was the score?" he asked. "10-1" Broxi replied. He then said that if Ryan was on the team they would have done better. Ryan felt better and delighted. The doctor may have told him that he couldn't play football for 5 months, but he new he was a great footballer...! By Ryan642

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