I see sparks fly

One shot.


1. true love


You remember growing up as a child. Your mum telling you how you'll find a prince and you'll live happily ever after. Its a good thing to tell your children. It gives them hope. A sense of happiness before they even understand it. 

But that's fairtales. Not real life. 

I wrapped my arms around myself as the cold rispy air spun around me, my hair dancing in the wind. Thinking back on what my mum said, I shook my head. If your prince is supposed to come get you, he wouldn't leave. He wouldn't rescue you from loneliness and then up and go. It doesn't make sense. I guess I'm the stupid one, the one who actually believed in the back of my mind that somewhere, out there, my prince was looking for me. Funny thing is, I thought I found mine. Well he found me. But he left. 

And now I'm on my own, walking home from the coffee shop alone. I couldn't explain it, and to this day I can't. It felt like someone whispered in my ear, telling me to turn round. That something, so important was right were I wanted it to be. But there was no one around. But being curious, I did. I turned round. I blinked a couple times too, just to make sure I wasn't awake. About three feet away from me, was him.

The one your told about growing up. The one who makes you his world and only you. The one who loves you for you. Confusion washed over me once I realised it was him. Leaning against the wall, hands stuffed in the pockets of his skinny jeans. His eyes, those magical eyes. The ones that you get lost in. Staring back at me. The corner of his lips turning upwards as his head lifted to look at me.

"W-what are you doing here? Your suposed to be in america. On Tour.." I asked, confusion dripping from each word I spoke.  

"If you love someone, set them free. If they come back, their yours forever", he spoke softly, while his hands found my waist.

"Looks like I'm forever yours" he whispered.

She was right. No matter what people say to you, how they say it or how they mean it. There's always thruth behind every word. He came back for me. Why? Because he was my prince, and he loved me!

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