Magnetic Violet

Alissa Dylan is a normal teenage girl. She loves magazines, hanging with her friends and most of all, playing guitar in the unknown garage band 'Magnetic Violet'. But then something happens and everything changes. And Alissa Dylan dies.


3. The Memory Hold

"When will she wake, Mam?" "When she is ready, Alec. Give her time" My eyelids felt heavy as I opened them. I glanced around the room in a panic, the memory of that awful white room painfully engraved in my mind. Thankfully, I was lying on a comfortable bed in a pale blue room. There was a furry rug on the carpeted floor, and a framed picture of the Eiffel Tower on the wall. Only last week, me and the girls were planning our school trip to Paris. That seemed very long ago now. "Good, you're awake" I blinked at the woman who I had met earlier, her smile making me a little uneasy. It reminded me of a teacher I once had, and he ended up being jailed for selling cigarettes to his students. Somehow, I doubted this pristinely dressed lady would be involved in that area of business... "My name is Dr. Hollisted. You are in the North Harbell Facility and you are safe" "You said that before" I said, unnerved by the monotone way in which she spoke. The woman-Dr.Hollisted- looked surprised at my reaction. "Normally my clients need to be told many times for it to sink in" "Yes, well, I'm not your client" I attempted getting up but my head felt like a boulder on my shoulders. A nurse keep rushing over and propped my head up on a pillow. "Thank you" I said horsely, the croak in my voice masking the irritation I felt that I couldn't do it myself. "Lydia, please fetch Miss. Ware a glass of water, the rock minerals not the rain collection" The nurse, obviously named Lydia, nodded and hurried off to get the drink. We certainly didn't have those types of water back home. I thought I was being spontaneous when I drank lemon and lime... Then it started to dawn on me. Ms. Ware? She couldn't have possibly meant me, could she? "Well I must say, you are being extremely aware for a newly formed After" "After?" "You see, Mam? She's saying more than most do at her stage. She doesn't seem as lost as the others" "Shh, Alec. Don't confuse her." She frowned at the boy and then turned back to me. "Now, we know you must be very disoriented at the moment, not knowing who you are or where you are. As I have said, this is the North Harbell Facility, the only afterlife clinic available for humans. We specialize in giving our clients new lives, after they have passed on to the next world. Your name is Blair Ware, you are twenty-one human years old, and have been in our care ever since your funeral" I blinked at her. She must have been mad. Blair Ware? I had never heard of the name in my short life. Twenty-one? Okay, some people had said that I could pass for sixteen, but definitely not twenty-one. "I think you're mistaken" I said, my voice rising with panic. "I'm not who you said I was" She smiled sympathetically at me. "Of course you think that. You have no recollection of anything of your old life, so we are telling you know. Your name is Blair Ware, you worked part-time in Starbucks, although always had the dream of becoming an opera singer. You are allergic to seafood, and have a particular love for skiing" I closed my eyes. This wasn't real. I wasn't dead, and I wasn't being told I was some woman called Blair. "It's a lot to take in" Dr. Hollisted said softly. "Now, make sure you're taking this down, Alec. I am going to inject the Memory-Hold, MH5, into her arm. This chemical will attach itself to her brain cells, planting the memories. It isn't a very complicated procedure, but needs to be thorough" I quickly opened my eyes to see her filling a capsule with a misty blue liquid. She examined the needle's point, and satasfied, nodded. "What are you...?" But the needle was already piercing my skin. I could feel the icy cold liquid traveling up my viens, cooling them like a jel relieving a sore boil in your mouth. It made me shiver. I found it quite soothing, and I was actually relaxing for a moment. But then the liquid came to my brain, and it wasn't allowed in. I could feel my mind resisting the suspicious chemical. My brain had built a guard, and the chemical was flinging itself uselessly at it. I could see little snippets of scenes, ones that frightened me how vivid they were. A blonde girl smiling at a cute boy as she served him coffee. The same girl waving to her friend before skiing down a mountain. Another one of the girl with who looked like her parents, and a blonde girl of about thirteen beside them. This 'liquid' the doctor had injected into me was trying to erase my old memories, replacing them of with these ones. But it wasn't working. I didn't know why they were doing this, or what they would do when the saw it didn't work. But I knew one thing. I was Alyssa Dylan, I was fifteen, and there's no way in hell they're taking that from me.

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