Magnetic Violet

Alissa Dylan is a normal teenage girl. She loves magazines, hanging with her friends and most of all, playing guitar in the unknown garage band 'Magnetic Violet'. But then something happens and everything changes. And Alissa Dylan dies.


2. Awoken From The Sleep

I had never felt so disoriented in my life. I didn’t know where I was, how long I’d been here, or how I ended up here in the first place. I did know one thing though, and for some reason it kept me sane repeating it in my head. My name is Alyssa Dylan, I am fifteen years old and I am dead. My name is Alyssa Dylan, I am fifteen years old and I am dead. My name is Alyssa Dylan, I am fifteen years old and I am dead.
I am dead. But wait, if I was dead, why was I able to think? Why wasn't I in some magical tropical island, or in a giant space in the Earth’s atmosphere where all the dead people go? I wriggled my legs. I could move. I could feel the hard touch of whatever I was in. It was inexplicably dark, and the inability to see was affecting my sanity. I started to take deep breathes and... I couldn’t. I realised, for the first time since I’d woken up in this strange place, that I wasn’t breathing. I was thinking, feeling and even seeing (there was flicks of light coming through the cracks above me), but yet I wasn’t breathing. And that last seed of hope just wilted away into nothingness. Because it was confirmed, I was dead.
I stretched my left hand out towards the wall enclosed on me. It was about ten centimetres away from my face. I would be hyperventilating now, if I could breath at all of course. I had condemned myself to a life (is it still a life when you’re not living?) of the pain and suffering of not knowing anything, when I heard muffled voices.
“She won’t know a thing now, so don’t startle her”
“Never, Mam, Never”
“And don’t overcrowd her with information, this is a very confusing and difficult time for her”
“Of course, Mam, I understand, Mam”
Well, at least hearing is another sense I still had. I had just processed what the people just said when a blinding light filled the darkness around me. The flash was so bright it physically stung my eyes. When the light diminished, or at least my eyes got used to the new shade of light, I saw white. White everywhere. The walls were white, the table was white, the window frames were white, with nothing but white nothingness outside them. The ceiling was white, the tiles on the ground were white, the chair in the corner was white. The only colour in the whole room was the red blushing cheeks of the boy looking down at me. I think I prefered the darkness.
I looked down at the box I realised I was lying in. It was a big rectangular box, with smooth, circular edges at the bottom. It was a coffin.
“Hello, my name is Dr. Hollisted. You are in North Harbell Facility, and are perfectly safe”
The woman said this all in a very calm, reassuring voice. My mind was still racing at a hundred miles per hour though.

“Why am I hear?” I asked, using my voice for the first time. But it wasn’t my voice. It was a girly, higher pitched tone than my old one was, some would even call it an attractive voice. It was womanly, with a little huskiness to it. I was shocked. Better skin I could deal with, but a whole new voice?
“Because you died” The woman said gently, going by the name of Dr. Hollisted. “But you probably already know that, considering people usually do”

I stared at the strange woman.
“I know this is very odd for you, not knowing your name, where you’re from, who you are. But don’t worry, we have all this information here”
I glanced at the booklet she had in her hand. How could this woman know about me? I’d never seen her in my life. She had her long ebony black hair pulled into a sleek ponytail, and her skin hadn’t a blemish on it. She wasn’t smiling, but something about her told me to trust her. The boy beside her was also inexplicably good-looking, with high-cheekbones and thick black hair. He was gazing at me like I was the most extraordinary thing he’d ever seen. Which was strange for me, because I was never considered extraordinary in my life.
“So, would you like to hear about your life?”
My eyes snapped back to the woman, who was smiling sympathetically at me.
“I know its all very confusing for you, all my patients feel disoriented at first. But trust me, once you understand who you are, then things will become simple”
The boy nodded encouragingly at me.
She smiled again.
“Well, first things first. Your name”
I wasn’t paying attention to what she was saying. My eyes kept darting from the door to the window, deciding which one would be a better escape. I couldn’t stay here. I didn’t know who this woman was, and the uncertainty about my whole life was making my head hurt. I felt a little light-headed, and when I tried to sit up in the coffin, my head felt heavy and filled of fluff of an immense weight. I just felt so tired, so I got up out of the painfully uncomfortable coffin. My whole body swayed, and suddenly I couldn’t hear the words of the doctor anymore. The room went dim, and the last thing I saw was the booklet sitting on the woman’s lap. It said in big black letters: Who You Are. Then the room disappeared and I dissolved into a pit of nothingness.

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