Teen amnisiac

Above all stories theirs mine, its neither a story of love, loss, or even death. Its a mix, my life story.

15 year old Beverly had an accident, now she cant remember who she is.


2. Sept 25

I keep having this dream. Im inside a car, their a scream, squeak of peddles and glass. I usually wake up by that time. None really knows what happenesd. Well it was a car crash, but what happened. was it the brakes ? did someone break them ? cut the line ? or maybe broke the wheels ?. one name floating in my mind - Sam.


I feel a sence of belonging, walking down these black and white walls. School, how charming. Looks like not even a terrible accident can get you out of school. And the amount of homework you get in this place ? its crazy, cant they give a girl some air ?? esspecally to a girl who dont remember who she is, let alone what was her science fair project - or who was her partner.


my memories are slowly faiding into one big puzzle piece. I have a photographic memory, i can remember images, places, people - i guess i just cant solve the puzzle and fit them together.

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