Teen amnisiac

Above all stories theirs mine, its neither a story of love, loss, or even death. Its a mix, my life story.

15 year old Beverly had an accident, now she cant remember who she is.


1. sept 24.


I dont remember, i cant remember. Everythings a blur, since the accident-  i dont know what to call it so im just sticking with the accident- bits of my memory are comming back, the amnisia wont last forever, maybe a year or 2 so my doctor says. Im reading my old diary to remember more things, like who i was, what i dressed like, what sort of person i was. Its really hard, i have to start all over again, become a new person when i put so much into my life. Reading over my diary feels like im reading a story, i cant imagine my self like that. It feels like im watching a life of someone else, but then again the old me would be thinking the same thing if reading the diary of the new me. Some might love to start over, but not me. I dont know ANYTHING ! my heads a blurr. I feel this emptyness inside me and i dont know whats missing. All i remember is, this tall brunet blue eyed boy. our lips tutching, the fussy feeling in my head, my knees turning to water. 

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