Seagull Island

Sylvia once lived on The Island with her father and mother. One day, they left and have never come back. Sylvia doesn't know where they are why they left and she can hardly remember their voices. All she knows is that she is alone. Just her, The Island and the seagulls.


2. Realisation

A bright light came flooding through the gaps of Sylvia's treehouse. Her eyelids slowly opened, like the exhausted doors of a lift. Limb by limb, she shuffled out of her cosy bed into the blast of cold, fresh air. Sylvia yamned, streched and began to get dressed. Whilst she was hopping to put on her jeans, she made eye contact with herself in the mirror. Her face looked old, damaged, like a well-used toy, and her hair was tamed, but scruffy. Sylvia stared at herself for a minute, and began to wonder if things would have been different, if her parents didnt leave for a good reason, if her life was a lie, if she really enjoyed  the way she lived. She ignored all of this, pushing it to the back of her mind. Later in the day, she sat on the beach and read the same book she had been reading for a week. It whispered to her, tales of children and families flew of the page like the seagulls. For the second time, Sylvia wondered aimlsly through memories, wishing she was with her parents, happy, like the people in her book.

A single seagull sat beside her, followed by another and another. The first one, was holding something  in its mouth. It dropped it on Sylvia's lap, revealing it to be a necklace, made of string, which had three peices of seaglass attached. Wide eyed, Sylvia picked it up, stared at it, then strung it round her neck. She had made it for her mother years before. Sylvia suddenly wanted to be with her parents so badly, and she realised, the seagulls had been waiting all this time, to take her to her loving parents. So she stood up, closed her eyes, and all the seagulls pick her up and fly, into the horizon, where two people were sitting, waiting.

The seagulls watched the family, untill they died, and then flew up into the sky back to the unknown island, Seagull Island.

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