Seagull Island

Sylvia once lived on The Island with her father and mother. One day, they left and have never come back. Sylvia doesn't know where they are why they left and she can hardly remember their voices. All she knows is that she is alone. Just her, The Island and the seagulls.


1. On the beach

Sylvia, was alone. The only human within 10,000 miles. But she had the seagulls, who just flew around her like a vulture surrounds an animals carcass, except they had no evil intentions, and where only there for berries and company. Laying on the sand watching the bright sun fall into the calmest of oceans, she wondered again where her loving parents had gone.

Maybe, she thought, they are in Africa, digging wells and since Africa is a big place, just can't seem to find the time to come back. Sylvia began to hoist herself up, still staring at the sun.

'Or maybe, they are going to find more supplies, and need a certain type of toilet paper. They might of been rescued and didn't want to wake me because I was so tired that night.' She sighed, and began to walk into the trees where her home was. It was getting darker and colder by the minute and Sylvia wanted a nice warm fire after her long day collecting food, jogging, gardening and searching for animals to tend to. In some ways her life was very good and she thanked the gods every day that her parents had moved here.

      The hut Sylvia lived in was a good size, except that she actually slept in a tree house her father had built her when she was very young. It had room for a double bed, a shelf, some drawers, a toy box a mirror and three bean bags. It was large and she loved to dance inside its walls, using a blinds she had used in her old house as doors. When she wasn't in her 'room' she was in the hut, a cave that could fit a book shelf, two sofas an arm chair, a fire and the basics for a kitchen, which was a stone basin that she emptied water into with a big bucket, and a large space for pots and pans next to another fire spot.

        Climbing into her bed, Sylvia cried herself to sleep for the millionth time and when she did fall into a deep sleep, she was still clutching her parents,a memory of them, locked in a wooden frame and glass, right next to her heart.

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