Imagine this: living in a world where you are controlled what to think.
Imagine this: that as soon as you are born you are paired with one of the governments people who supplies you with emotions and hormones. You could be happy one moment, and suicidal the next.
Imagine this: The only thing you can do yourself is speech, in which you control
Imagine that:

Georgina lives in this world, she has been controlled her whole life; her life all planned out for her. The government- the Keyrolls, realize that they have complete control over human life, and it is no surprise that they're up to something. In a world with no control, Georgina and her team must find a way to take down the keyrolls, and save humankind for the second time.


3. Worry

Tiptoeing around downstairs, I decide to make mother dinner, as she couldn't possibly cook for herself; 34 hours in labour the Keyrolls must have been in a bad mood. I decide to make soup as that is the only think I can cook half well, I walk to the diminutive box kitchen and look in the larder. Nothing. I grabbed my coat,  which was masked in golden cat hair, you couldn't tell what colour the coat was anymore! I walk outside to my small garden, where my mother and me grow vegetables. I bend down to cut a carrot, when I notice my best friend in the medow oppisite; Violette. She's a chubby girl, but cares for people's feeling much more than her own; She's is also, very, very chatty. She couldn't keep her mouth shut for more than a minuet even if her life counted on it. Every day she is always dying to tell me something new, or intresting. It's a soicable key as my mother calls it.

She must have spotted me as she started waving frantically as if she was a non- flightless bird trying to fly; I smile, and bend down to pick vegetables for tonights soup; 4 leeks, half a dozen carrots, and a handful of nuts later, I start making my way towards the house, when Violette bounded through my garden gate. "G, did you not hear me you little numpty Is your mother alright how many hours was it 50?" I laugh, "no, it wasn't 50 hours, it was 34 actually, still dreadful; mother is stable, tired but nothing serious. She gave birth to a healthy baby boy around 4 hours ago, I was about to make my mother soup" "need any help?" I looked at her and smiled, "V, it's not like you where blessed with the cook's key;" She pretended to look hurt, "you know G, that really stung." She couldn't hold that seriousness for long though, as that famouse Violette grin, managed to find it's way back onto her face. 

To be honest, I wasn't much of a chef either, but 34 hours sitting outside mother's door, listening to her tortured screams, holding her hand, mopping her face with a cool cloth, I really needed the company; "I think I need someone to talk to" Violette, grabbed most of the load I was carriying and glided into the kitchen, with me obidiantly following behind her. "They're putting in his key tommorow" I say as I cut the leaks, Violette looked up at me, "are you worried?" then she pasued and added, "It'll be good"  I nod, hoping that she was right. We where silent after that, the only sounds where me cutting the vegetables and Violette's heavy breathing.

My mind, however, was not silent, my thoughts where whirring round and round, like a smoothie maker but 10 times faster; You see, every person is given a key. It controlls you, and it also makes you good at some things and not good at others; Your key has already been set onto what career you will do in the future, and your key, will be programmed to make you good at all the things needed for that career, and not so good on everything else. However, every 25 years the Keyrolls programm one persons key to not be good at anything but to be a rude, selfish, law breaker; they do this to remind us that everyone is not perfect; It just so happens, my brother was born on the 25th year anniversiry 4th June; If that key is planted into my brother, he will be rejected in sociaty, his life would be just be a cell in the Keyrolls prison. He will never marry, never have kids, 34 hours of torture for someone who will never have a life;

"G" Violette whispered, I landed back down into reality with a thud. "yes" I said my voice was hoarse, and rough; "I've got to go home, I'm half an hour late as it is" I look at the clock, "I'm so sorry V, I just blanked out then" I say guilt rising up into my body; Violette smiled. "You didn't talk for ages, I tried to wake you but you where in a world of your own" "so?" I say feeling pathetic and small, "so, I just left you." She was lucky her family was safe, if my brother did have that "bad" key then me and my mother will also be rejected. After she left I looked up at the clock, the second hand kept ticking away, wouldn't stop, life doesn't stop. No matter how bad it becomes.



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