Imagine this: living in a world where you are controlled what to think.
Imagine this: that as soon as you are born you are paired with one of the governments people who supplies you with emotions and hormones. You could be happy one moment, and suicidal the next.
Imagine this: The only thing you can do yourself is speech, in which you control
Imagine that:

Georgina lives in this world, she has been controlled her whole life; her life all planned out for her. The government- the Keyrolls, realize that they have complete control over human life, and it is no surprise that they're up to something. In a world with no control, Georgina and her team must find a way to take down the keyrolls, and save humankind for the second time.


4. The moment I've been dreading...

I wake up, with a brutal banging at the front door. "Keyroll let us in" a harsh voice greeted me as I opened a door. A man, dressed all in white except for a blue 'K' on his tunic held up a small device, "may I?" he asked turning it on, I nodded still half asleep, a red light scanned my body. "Gorgina Webder?" He was scanning me, checking my identity, checking who I was; "Yes that's me." "I am here on behalf of the Keyroll birthing unit, I am to give you're new arrival a key, I am your brothers key partner" he said with a false smile; A key partner is the person who is responsible for your life. Literally. He will supply you with feeling, hormones and emotions, all he has to do, is type in a code press a button and whatever the code is you will feel it/think it etc.  This was it. The dreaded moment. I led the man upstairs into the nursery where my brother lay in his cot, the man laid out a matt black brief case and opened it up, on the chest opposite my brother. He carefully picked up a blue gun, he then examined every needle like a pathetic doctor.

"This is it." He attached a slim needle into the gun and powered it up. A soft humming sound erupted from it. "I know you can't tell me what key he has," I began, my whole body shaking violently. "I can't tell you your key as you have to find out that by yourself." he answered, sitting my brother up against some cushions. "I mean, can you tell me if he has that 25th year anniversary key?" I asked impatiently  He looked up at me, "yes" with that he injected the needle into his arm, his eyes diluted and they became completely black... freaky! The man then pressed a button whilst taking the needle out of my brother. "Do you have a name?" he asked getting a green stylus out of the side of the gun. "Bradley skye Webder" I say smiling at the name my mother chose- it's perfect for him; "And do you know where your mother is?" he asked, "Asleep" with that he started tapping on the screen of the gun with the stylus idiotically.  He then pressed another button, and a tiny bit of paper printed off the top of the gun. In one quick motion, he took the paper out and waved it as if he was a bird trying to dry his wings. That tiny bit of paper grew in size, until it became A4 size in a couple of seconds. I looked at it, stunned. Being so far from the Keyroll center fancy technology like that doesn't really reach us.

He gave me that bit of paper. He was officially a citizen.  To the Keyrolls he is just a 23 digit number to the rest of us, he's Bradley. With that he nodded and glided out the front door, I followed him and stood in the doorway. He was about to turn away, but turned back to me, "Miss I didn't read the number his key was but if it ends in two zeroes then he has the, as you call it, 'bad' key, any other number then he's fine. I nodded, thanked him and closed the door. I quickly looked at the certificate. 07. I nearly faint with happiness. For the rest of the day, I couldn't help smiling.

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