Imagine this: living in a world where you are controlled what to think.
Imagine this: that as soon as you are born you are paired with one of the governments people who supplies you with emotions and hormones. You could be happy one moment, and suicidal the next.
Imagine this: The only thing you can do yourself is speech, in which you control
Imagine that:

Georgina lives in this world, she has been controlled her whole life; her life all planned out for her. The government- the Keyrolls, realize that they have complete control over human life, and it is no surprise that they're up to something. In a world with no control, Georgina and her team must find a way to take down the keyrolls, and save humankind for the second time.


11. The all mighty plan

"Hope you're not afraid of heights Gina" Peter said walking towards the cabinets  "oh and I hope you don't mind my new nick-name for you" I shake my head, curious to see what Peter's plan is. "Okay, when I was finding you, I noticed there where pipes along the ceiling, and they where the same pipes I use back at home" "so?" I say, hoping this blast from the past has some significance to getting back. "So, when I was little, my house was covered in these pipes, if I got some rope I would  make a knot at one end of the pipe,  and tie the other end of the rope around my waste, I could hang upside down, scaring the life out of people as they walked under me" "okay..." I say still unsure "hanging upside down was fun, but there was another bonus. I had the best view from up there. I could see, and hear everything." I was starting to get in now. "So," I say excitedly  "If we attach rope to ourselves we could go back to Wing E" "Yup, we've still got a chance of being seen, but the people here seem quite busy, why would they look up?" I nod. "But you said you had to tie the rope one end, there isn't long enough rope to attach both of us from here to Wing E" "I know, there are two ways in doing this, the first is make a loose knot around the pipe, and tie the end to us, so when we shuffle along the pipe so does the rope, and if we fall off, that hold us. However it is less safe, and if the pipes are dusty its hard to shuffle along as the knot gets stopped behind you, if that happens you can't move anywhere." "Whats the second?" I say. The first option sounds awful to me. "That was always a problem at my house, I told my dad about it, and him being a mechanic and all, made me this little device which I call the metal bean which you stick at the starting point, you feed your rope through and as you move the rope shuffles along beside you, which raises the rope above the pipes so the ropes won't get stuck, and it's alot faster. And when we get to a corner, you un clip the bean and put it back onto the other pipe, and shuffle on. It's the same principle as the first option, it's just, just, upgraded" I smile, "Okay that sound alot better," "But..." Peter started, "I knew there was going to be a but" I say exasperated "I can make the bean out of old metal, if we find some, I also need a knife and a hammer then we can go with option two." we start milling around for metal, I check in cupboards  they where loaded with items I had not a clue what they where. Peter had found old spoons, in one of the duffle bags which he emptied on the table. I grabbed some flashlights, and hammer, and threw them onto the table.

I watched as Peters crafty hands bent the spoons into a lump, "Will you find some rope?" he asked when he started hammering the metal. I looked around again, I found meters long black rope, I also found microphones and ear peaces. We had a tutorial on these, "I'll wire us both up to microphones and ear peaces just in case one of us gets held up, or we have to whisper." Peter nodded as I started to feed the wire through my shirt, as I attached the ear peace to my ear. Peter smiled a little, when my top rode up showing my pink bra, "Someone's keen" I laugh sarcastically  "and someone's not meant to be looking at me wiring myself up, but looking at a metal lump"  "Hey I'm a teenage boy, I can't help it" He grinned. Thus was the first time I've spoken to a boy around my age, let alone flirt with him. I put the microphone around my cheek, so I looked like an old fashioned pop star. "Testing, testing" I whispered, with delight when I could hear what I just said through the ear peace. I keeled beside Peter, and ordered him to put a wire up his shirt, and attach the microphone box to the inside of his shorts. "Don't you want to do that darlin'" he asked, i glared up at him, "your barking up the wrong tree." He did as he told,  as I stand behind him and attach the wire to the ear peace, slot it in, and turn on the micro phone and I attach it around his cheek. "Done" I say, sitting down opposite him. "Wow, I can hear that" he cried, somewhat sarcastically  It takes him another 20 minuets by the time that we're ready. He gives me part of the rope with the metal bean on one end, and gets one for himself. "I don't think I can remember this" I say looking  at the map trying to remember the route we have to take. "No worries" I found these in our room, handing me some blue sunglasses. "It's not sunny" I say, scared he was going to go on another, blast from the past tangent  "These are camsess. they take a picture  and every time you switch the red switch" I look down to see a tiny switch on the rim of the glasses, "the picture you have taken you can see in front of you" I smile, "You have an answer to everything you little genius" "well" he says smugly. I put the classes on, and stand in front of the map, I take a picture, and switch the switch, laughing when I see the picture reappear in front of me.

. "Ready Gina?" "as I'll ever be" I retorted, righting the rope around my waste. He quietly opened the door, "Coasts clear" He whispered, "ok" I say back. We creep into the corridor I look up, at the thin shiny pipes on the ceiling, "How do we get up there?" Peter went back into the little room, and brought out a chair, "The ceiling is lower here," as he stepped onto the chair, put the metal bean onto the pipe his rope was attached above him, "Just jump onto the pipe, haul yourself up, then close your legs either side of the pipe. I smiled up to him, "I guess it's my turn" he nodded, and shuffled along. I get on the chair, and giggle, I try and jump onto the pipe and slip. I look up and see Peter trying to keep a straight face, "you're not helping" I say through fits of giggles"we don't have all day darling" I jump up one more time and grip, curl my legs round, "finally" Peter snorted. I roll my eyes, as we continue to shuffle down until we came to Wing E which was  the corridor parallel to G. It was all going smoothly and I though we where so close, and no-one would know we had gone. Of course I am never that lucky, a man wheeled down the corridor we where in, Peter saw him first and stopped in his tracks. "stop" he whispered, as I wince when I released too late that I put the volume on my ear peace way too high. I stopped breathing when I saw the man wheel down and stop directly below me. I guessed he was quite old, from the birds eye view of him; he had no hair and was in an eclectic wheelchair, his head however, had vial looking purple veins meandering along his head. gross. "we'll wait for him to leave" Peter said in an even quieter whisper than before. "Rodger that" I whisper back, hoping the man doesn't look up. 

"You may come down now" the man said, his voice was a metallic rasp like the train voice but scarier. My blood froze. He still looked forwards, and didn't look up. "Georgina. Peter you may come down" Peter turned his head back to me.  "busted." "what do you mean we're busted? did you know this was going to happen the whole time?" I say my voice wobbling. Peter un-clipped his bean and jumped down, closely missing the man. he looked up at me. "nope, come on Gina come down" I was on the verge of crying. I try and un-clip my bean with shaking fingers, I mange and jump down after him. The man turned to me. "well done" "don't kill me" the man chuckled, "why would I kill you?" I breath in with horror when I see him. His face had silver plates sewn onto his face, he had a black eye patch, and a severely blood shot eye. he looked like a horror movie star. "how did you know we where here?" Peter asked , "I will explain everything now walk with me." Peter and I glanced at each other in alarm, as the man wheeled on, I shake my head, Peter grabs my hand and links it with his, in any other circumstance I would have pulled away, but now I am thanking to god he did.

We join the man, hand in hand, "call me Mr Sirus" he said, in his robotic voice, I nod, panic rising through me, sending warning shivers up my spine.

"Now, I will answer any questions"

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