Imagine this: living in a world where you are controlled what to think.
Imagine this: that as soon as you are born you are paired with one of the governments people who supplies you with emotions and hormones. You could be happy one moment, and suicidal the next.
Imagine this: The only thing you can do yourself is speech, in which you control
Imagine that:

Georgina lives in this world, she has been controlled her whole life; her life all planned out for her. The government- the Keyrolls, realize that they have complete control over human life, and it is no surprise that they're up to something. In a world with no control, Georgina and her team must find a way to take down the keyrolls, and save humankind for the second time.


9. Oh it's you

The person sauntered past, and I just sat there listneig to the footsteps melt away. I got up and opened the door, looking out at an empty corridor. I look back into the dark unitnviting records room, some part of me told me to stay in this room, if any one came this way again, I could hide here, there are numerous places to do so. Plus I want to find out more, why I am dead to this place, maybe this place has the answers . I look down the corridor one last time, and followed the corridor down. I just passed wing H, when I saw the person I saw walking past the door,  walking a couple of feet in-front of me. I guessed he was around my age, I then realized he was the boy with the foul attitude, Peter. "Peter?" I say, and the boy swiveled around in utter horror, fight plastered to his face. When he saw me he relaxed a little. "oh its you." he says. "oh it's you" I reply carcastically. "what are you doing?" he says walking to me. I realise as he's walking towards me he' small for a 17 year old, his eyeline is the same as mine, and I'm not exactly tall. He was just inches away, when he stopped walking towards me. "how do you know my name?" "I've been in this room called the records room, and I saw all the names of the people in our room. We're dead you know." he smiled. "riiight." he says in a tone like  I was a little kid making rubbish up." I roll my eyes at him. He laughed a little and pushed my arm lightly, "you don't seem dead to me" I smile back a little, "what other things did you read in the record room?" "I only read the names of the other occupants in our room, time collected and time of death, but then I heard you walk down so I panicked and hid." He smiled again, "sorry, I woke up and saw you had gone, so I went to find you." I was touched. "You went to find me?" "Well, your the only one who gives a damn about finding answers, you're out aren't you? So, I thought we could pair up" 


We walked down numerous white corridors,  us talking softly to each other, we where about to take a left to wing G when we heard voices meters behind us. We looked at each other in alarm, when we heard the voice turn the corner, Peter grabbed my hand and shoved me into the darkened wall. I barley breathed when we heard the voice getting closer. I smiled a little in the darkness, when I realized Peter's arm was against my stomach. The voice grew louder and louder. i could hear footsteps coming towards us, I was panic sicken  scared to death this person would spot us in the darkness. Who knows what would happen if they stop us. Peter suddenly panicked, spun round and opened the door which we where pressed against in the shadows. He smiled. "get in." as he pushed me into the pitch black, as he softly closed the door. We listened through the door, "yes, yes" the voice was a deep husky one, "and so" the voice began again. I then heard another higher pitched voice respond to him. "Sir, we need to check on the 5 occupants in West Wing E." I squealed a little in horror. They where going to go to the place I woke up, and 2 aren't there. "Yes, but we will do that in an hour, I have to talk to the general." the voice repeated I heard the voices and footsteps sink away, and I waited until I no longer could hear anything, but our breathing before I burst into tears. Peter fumbled around and found a light switch, the room was suddenly plunged into white light. My eyes cept closing as they adjusted to the light. Peter started to pace around the room. "Great, we're here and they're going to come to West Wing E" "well done Sherlock" I joke panic rising in my voice. I look around the room, cabinets lined the wall, with fancy lights underneath them, illuminating the work surface. A map was plastered to the wall, and black duffle bags with ice blue stripes where laying to the right of me. I left Peter to his girly fit, when I walked to the wall and examined the map. "Look!" I exclaim. He came over to me. "This must be a map of where we are. that's the corridor we are in now" I say, pointing to the white line. I find West Wing E on the map, and trace a route for us to take. "We know the guy and gal went left to go find the General whoever he is, and must they must be heading towards North Wing V. Its the only route to the General's office."  "how do you know where the generals office is?" I say. "It says it right there" I looked at Peter with amazement  he certainly knows what he's talking about; "Now we know the guy and girl are out to the way, and we have planned our route back, but I don't want to risk being seen again" Peter nodded. "I know, but I have a plan." 

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