Imagine this: living in a world where you are controlled what to think.
Imagine this: that as soon as you are born you are paired with one of the governments people who supplies you with emotions and hormones. You could be happy one moment, and suicidal the next.
Imagine this: The only thing you can do yourself is speech, in which you control
Imagine that:

Georgina lives in this world, she has been controlled her whole life; her life all planned out for her. The government- the Keyrolls, realize that they have complete control over human life, and it is no surprise that they're up to something. In a world with no control, Georgina and her team must find a way to take down the keyrolls, and save humankind for the second time.


5. I'm sorry Sir, I think there's some mistake

I sit numbly looking up at the white board, my teacher was droaning on about the history of humankind. Her voice faded away as my mind wondered off somewhere; much more exciting than a dull history lesson. It was only until the head teacher came in asking for me, that once again my mind crashed landed back into reality with an even bigger thud! "Grace" Miss screeched looking at me with her frosted glare I sat bolt up right like a dog looking for attention; "The head teacher wants you." the rest of the class giggled,  I left my desk liestening to the class shout behind me: "You're in for it now G" "watch out G"

I walked down the corridor calmly, there wasn't anything to be scared of, I hadn't done anything bad; however, when I turned the corner, and saw the silver door, with the chipped gold plate with the teacher's name engraved on it, my body suddenly turned to jelly and my cheeks began to flame. I knocked quitely on the door, and stood back, wishing that out of the blue my headteacher would have to be wisked away somewhere, and I wouldn't have to see him. Unfortuantly luck wasn't on my side. "Enter" I obidiantly opened the door, and sat down infront of  him. He leaned forward, clasped his hands together, took a deep breath and then spoke: "Grace, I am very sorry for interupting from your lessons." don't worry sir it was a god sent you did interupt me. "and so" he bagan, "I have a letter from the KGSC" I looked at him blankly. I have not a clue who those people are, but I smiled and played along with it.  "Oh" is all I could say. Pathetic. "That's the Keryroll Gifted Student Collage to you and me" "Oh" I said once again in a tone that meant I get it now. I laughed a little. "Sir, I am in no way gifted I haven't even found out what career I am going to do, so how could I be gifted in it?" He looked a little puzzled himself. I sat there gazing into the fire place, the log that fuled the angry flame was now a sad, charred, heap in the black grate. "Only the very best students go there, you get taught by the best teaching staff too. The keryoll's have seen your grades, and they want you to to take the enterance paper" my mind was spinning, I was in no way talented, I'm average, not super clever at all; sir saw me looking puzzled, so he tried to persuade me into going. "Grace you're life will be sorted, yo will be at the best job, and get the best pay. You have got to take this chance while you can."

I was sent home early to discuss the matter with my mother. She looked fit to burst, when she read the letter from the collage. her smile was bigger than violett's at christmas  time. I stood infront of her, with my arms crossed. "I'm not going."  "What?" she screamed back, her body shaking just as much as I was. "Mum, they have the wronge girl, I can't do algebra or fancy maths equations, I don't know rocket science, so why do they want me to study at a genius's collage?" "who cares G, you obviously have something you are super talented in, and the Keyroll's have spotted that, you need to go" I stared at her angryly "But it's a 100 miles away, and house prices there are beyond stupid, we wouldn't be able to buy a shed with those pricies." Mother took a deep breath, and sucked in her cheecks as she did so, which made her look like a fish out of water. "I know G, but I have done some research, you can come home every 3 weeks, and the collage pay for the transport. and just remember, if I ever fall ill, you can always support me.

That's a point. If my mother ever fell ill, I could get the best payed job, and help support her. I could buy a house, with the best doctors in the land, I could buy a house for Bradley, make sure he could get a good education. My descioson was settled.

"Alright. I'll go." I say half annoyed, my mother always, knows how to get round me.


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