Imagine this: living in a world where you are controlled what to think.
Imagine this: that as soon as you are born you are paired with one of the governments people who supplies you with emotions and hormones. You could be happy one moment, and suicidal the next.
Imagine this: The only thing you can do yourself is speech, in which you control
Imagine that:

Georgina lives in this world, she has been controlled her whole life; her life all planned out for her. The government- the Keyrolls, realize that they have complete control over human life, and it is no surprise that they're up to something. In a world with no control, Georgina and her team must find a way to take down the keyrolls, and save humankind for the second time.


2. A new arrival

I can't belive he's here. The screaming bundle with the scarlette face. I'm surprised he has enough energy to keep on screaming, he does though. "hush baby hush" the sound of my mother mutes him. I pick up the squirming body, swaddled in blankets, and I hand her the baby. "I wonder what key he'll have?" "as long as it's not a selfish murderer key then I'm fine" I answered, trying to make a joke out of something that in reality, would not be funny at all; My mother let out a tired giggle. I looked at her. This was the woman with glowing skin, and sparkling eyes, she had now dirshrivlled into a sickly white ghost; I scooped up my brother to let my mother sleep.

I softly closed the door and walked into the nursery. I gaze down at his deep, sea blue eyes; so many new emotions shone out of them, he's a mystry my new baby brother, I stroke his white blonde hair, soft as silk, I bend down to carefully put him in his cot, as I do so, I kiss his button nose. Perfect. That's what he is. I walk away looking back on him. For once in his life he isn't controlled, he isn't on a thin line where once misplacment and our government the Keyrolls will show no mercy and just press a button, where his body would just shutdown. It is the only day where he is not watched like a hawk, where he doesn't have to live up to his key.  I slowly walk away from the peaceful slumber of mother and baby

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