A Twist With A Tail.

Lemon Drops, Clare Bear and Myself write a chapter to this story every study session.

This story is about a random sequence of events.

you do not need description to understamd this story, just a creative mind. so if you can handle it start reading :)


1. lets begin...

Once upon a time...


A family brought four little chickens. These little chickens laid five magical beans. Henny the youngest chook laid seven purple ducks. The ducks were ugly, although, the runt was a pig he was still rather charming with his pink snout and orange curly tail. The oldest ugly chuck (chook cross duck) was green, its beak like a hawks often made him face plant. The oldest purple duck ate a magical bean and turned into an alien which had Daniel tattooed on his sphincterpuckeri. Then Megan the middle ugly chuckling, turned into a beautiful mole cow.  Then Clare the original hideously ugly chooken got high off eucalyptus tissues. So Ayla had to join in with the sausage fest, so that Maekara could eat her dinner. Then Jessica had to fight off zombies with her big toes, while eating a jam donut. The jam donut was infected with a magical bean, so she turned into a weed smoking caterpillar. Daniel the alien with a tattoo on his sphincterpuckeri ate another magical bean and turned into a drug dealing smoking monkey that supplied man man with her ecstasy. As a lillypad enjoys lovely intercourse with a frog, the frog is the reason that malien has Daniel tattooed to his sphincterpuckeri. This is because the malien kissed the frog and the frog had poisonous lips. A marching band of zebra’s and giraffes came around the corner singing “if I only had a brain!” All of a sudden a huge thunder storm started in the magical fairy realm, were Mickey Mouse was busy trying execute his girlfriend Minnie Mouse.

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