ullas last home memory

Ulla said "the lush green grass on that crisp morning in summer, with the lock a deep grey, blue with a thin layer Of mist which stained the air on the embasement. The trees were all willow trees ranging from all of the colours of green. There were small and large patches of lavender and orchids that surrounded the foot of the mountains which enclosed the locks beauty from the rest of the world. I would walk down a winding path big enough for one person with all sorts of wildlife scurrying around your feet and as you came up to the lock, there is a small area covered in shiny pebals like each and every peal had been polished to perfection and I would just sit there for hours watching the gentle breeze skate across the skin of the water".


1. ullas memorie

This is only a passage from episode 11 of mine and my friends episode. So I hope u enjoy xx
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