To Love and To Cherish

A twisted romance about the most perfect flawless wedding that finishes with tragedy.


2. Time and money and plans...

I spent time with Ellie, helping her choose flowers, food, colours, themes and so many more of the details to produce her perfect dream wedding. But I envied her even more now, I realised she had dreams, aspirations and perfection in mind. My mind was full of her dreams, I had no plans for the future and no aspirations either. Nothing. I expected nothing of my life. It was reassuring though, to speak to my friends, because they had no expectations. All they wanted was to go with the flow, and I was happy to fit in with that too. One day in fact, Ellie had asked me, "What do expect of your life, Katy? I mean, your 27, with no boyfriend and a sturdy job, when are you going to start living your dreams. Look at me! I'm 25, marrying my long term boyfriend, modelling professionally, planning on setting up a family! I mean no disrespect but when is it going to hit you that time is withering away past you and you've got no grounds for anything else to happen?" She was being quite blunt but in the sweetest most constructive way possible. She meant no offence or disrespect but she was right! So I simply shrugged my shoulders and told her that my life would pick up when it was ready to, I wasn't going to play with fate.
We went shopping for our dresses, her dress was a white gown, down to her ankles. It was a silky material that clung to her beautiful body in a very flattering way, at the back it was lace down to the bottom of her back then it went back to the satiny silk material. The lace pattern was large and spread out and designed into flowers. She looked extraordinarily stunning in it, although, for the price it should. The shoes she chose were satin heels with a strap across the ankle that finished with a satin flower on each foot.
Then it came to my dress, she had chosen all the bridesmaids dresses to be the same as mine. It was satin and came in just above the waist with a skinny band of material with a white flower on it and it tied into a bow at the back. The three quarter length sleeves were made of lace and the same pattern as was on the back of her dress. It had a 'U' neck and after the band of material it flowed gently out and finished at the ankle. The shoes were exactly like Ellie's just without the flower in the strap.
It was also decided that Ellie would hold a bouquet of red roses and the bridesmaids and I would hold white roses.
Ellie and I also spent a day at the hairdressers and beauticians, Ellie would have her hair in a long blonde braid down her back with small red roses tucked in randomly down the braid. The bridesmaids would all have their hair pinned up in several small intricate braids with small white roses tucked in randomly.
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