To Love and To Cherish

A twisted romance about the most perfect flawless wedding that finishes with tragedy.


6. Suspicion...

My phone woke me, 9:13 am, I picked it up and accepted the call, "Hey Jack. Yeah, uhuh.... It's only in a week. I hadn't thought about that. Of course she can. Yeah I'm fine. Okay. Yeah. Bye Jack." Jack had rang me asking if Ellie was stay with me the night before the wedding. Jack new nothing about the baby and the abortion. How did she keep it from him? Ellie was in New York modelling today so Jack wanted to come over and go through everything with me. It was the 21st June, Ellie was back in the 26th and the wedding was on the 28th. Soon I heard a knock on the door. I let Jack in and we discussed everything. Everything was ready, every single minor detail was perfect.
After 3 hours Jack and I went out for lunch at a restaurant and we enjoyed each others company. We went back to my apartment and as we walked in a voicemail was playing on the machine, a lady with a strong Texas accent spoke, "Hello, Katy Ralphs? This is Jane from the abortion clinic this is the only number listed on your sisters forms. I was just phoning to check if Eleanor Ralphs is experiencing any side affects after yesterday's procedure. Please call back and lets us know, thank you." I stood there, froze at the door step as Jack heard the whole message. He turned to me, "What? You and Ellie were there... But Katy told me she couldn't.... Why didn't she tell... Please... Katy, what's going on?"
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