To Love and To Cherish

A twisted romance about the most perfect flawless wedding that finishes with tragedy.


5. Last chance...

I couldn't breath the knife had gone straight through my throat and the more I tried to
breathe the more I choked on my own spewing blood. Ellie looked me straight in the eyes her normal blue eyes were now blood red and fixed on me. "I killed the baby and your nearly dead. Try to ruin my life and yours will be over!" she spoke crazily through her teeth. Spitting the words to me. I choked and drowned as fire took me, I writhed in pain as the flames smoldered over my charred body. I lay in a pool of my own blood as I blinked erratically to stay alive. This was it and I gave in to the pain and closed my eyes.
My eyes snapped open. That was such a vivid dream. I slowly got out of bed and dressed in a blue T-shirt and jeans. I brushed my teeth and took my bag and keys down to the car. I picked Ellie up and we drove silently to the clinic. Ellie was taken away and I sat in the dull white waiting room for her. She came out, tears stained her beautiful face. That was it. I was no longer an auntie. The abortion was over and done with. I felt my heart sink, she had gone through with it, I was the only one who knew and I had promised to keep in that way.
Neither of us spoke on the way home, I dropped her off and she waved goodbye but today had been a day that no one would speak of lightly. An innocent child had been killed before birth and I mourned my unborn niece or nephew. Tears streamed down my face as I laid in bed trying to sleep. One life lost forever. I cried myself to sleep.
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