To Love and To Cherish

A twisted romance about the most perfect flawless wedding that finishes with tragedy.


4. Breakdown...

It was 7:45 ish when I heard a loud, quick rapping on my apartment door so I put down my coffee to answer it, I opened the door to see Ellie sobbing she hurled herself in and flung her arms around me. Her eyes were red, tear stained all around. That was the first time I'd ever seen Ellie look unattractive, ever. "I... Didn't... Know... It... Would... Happen... Straight.... Away... I love .... Him but... I'm not.... Ready yet.... I'll get.... Sacked I'll.... Have... Nothing!" she shouted inbetween long sobs. It was obvious what she was talking about but I still doubted that it was possible. That she would be so careless. She was right, it would ruin her career. What modelling agency wanted a blooming lady, gorgeous as she was, but PREGNANT?! That was unlikely. What designers did tonnes of maternity wear?
I comforted Ellie although her worries ate away at me. The worst of it was that it was the truth.
After Ellie had stopped crying and started drinking her tea I said, "I thought you wanted a family?" Her head snapped up, "I was going to adopt, when I was nineteen I was told I was unable to have kids. Later I realised that the fact I was unable would save my looks. I wouldn't have to worry about loosing pregnancy weight. It would all just fit right in... But I took a test and it was positive... I didn't know what to do, I broke down. Will you help me?" At that point my heart bled for her. I nodded. There was only one way to help her, but it wasn't going to be pleasant for her.
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