To Love and To Cherish

A twisted romance about the most perfect flawless wedding that finishes with tragedy.


7. Betrayal...

That was it. Cat out of bag. Beans spilled.
Jack spent the next hour asking me questions and taking in the awful answers. After he had asked every question possible his eyes filled with tears. The tears spilled over and ran down his smooth skin.
I hadn't known Jack well. I had met him enough times to be comfortable around him.
Jack sobbed and I tried to comfor him. He looked at me straight in the eyes and kissed me, full on. As I broke away he whispered, "I love you, not her." in my ear and he continued kissing me.
As we finished Jack murmured "I'll leave her. I want to be with you not her." He was offering me exactly what I wanted. He wouldn't marry her, but we both received a text from her, 'Hey,the schedule has been ruined. I will have to be back on the 27th.See you then x' It read.
Jack and I looked at each other. "Marry me. I'll leave her, we can go somewhere else and get a house. I can get transferred."
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