To Love and To Cherish

A twisted romance about the most perfect flawless wedding that finishes with tragedy.


1. Beggining of love...

They were undoubtedly in love and crazily in love, too. They were inseparable, too. He went out whe she did and vice versa. But still, no one expected it when they announced their engagement, not even me. He had proposed to her whilst on a holiday together in Paris, apparently they had just stopped in front of the Eiffel Tower and he had got down on one knee and proposed, giving her a 5 carat diamond heart on top of a white-gold band.
That must have cost him. They both had proclaimed their love to each other more than necessary in the past, they were nicknamed "the twins" by our social group due to their similarities in character and them both looking utterly perfect, with them both having blonde hair and blue eyes. They both were models, though, so there perfection was noticed and caught in camera on a daily basis. It was a standing joke that if one of them out shone the other, that the one that was out shone would cry. But it was a rare occasion when one of them had a hair out of place, or quite simply, didn't look flawless.
Jack had only moved to California six months before their engagement. That was how they met, at a wedding, Jack had been in California for a week and he was best man for his cousins wedding and Ellie had been a bridesmaid for her best friend at the wedding. So Jack and Ellie got to know each other and within one week after the wedding they were together and six months after that, engaged.
So I, being Ellie's sister, was appointed maid of honour. To be honest, I didn't really understand why. Ellie and I had never been close, the two year gap in age was enough to keep us apart. After I had moved out with my boyfriend at 17 and got a job at a tax company as a secretary, we hadn't spoken. It was only when our father died that we actually spoke to each other, after the funeral we got back in touch and started having coffees together and going out with friends. We still weren't close though, we hardly knew anything about each other, we just saw more of each other.
Ellie wasn't a mean or arrogant person, she was actually a pleasant bubbly person but she was just too sweet to my taste, her beauty, money, fiancé and life just seemed a little too perfect and it got on my nerves.
My relationships always ended badly, either with a stolen credit card, or lying and cheating or simply because we didn't have anything in common. I'm not pretty and perfect either, I wouldn't say I was unattractive but I'm not beautiful either. I have curly brown hair and eyes, an average body, curvy but not slim. It just annoyed me that she's stunning and I'm not.
I accepted to be maid of honour, out of politeness. But I knew that Ellie would have a perfect wedding that I would never be able to experience for myself.
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