Cover up (Entry for competition)

About being the girlfriend of a celebrity!


2. Talking it over (not part of the comp entry)

"What's up babe?", Louis wispered, unafraid of the answer. His gaze shifted to the blaring television, where a movie of his latest tour was playng.

"Listen, we need to talk it over, i'm not sure i want to be with you anymore..." Jess said, with more authority than she was feeling at that second. She watched as the expressin on his face morphed into someting more terrifying. Someting she didn't recognise. His eyes blazed, like a pool of burning magma. A thn crease appeared on his forehead.

"What the hell!?" Louis yelled, with an accusing tone to his voice. His fist clenched tightly. Jess cowered in the corner, wincing as he stepped nearer to her, then she ran. Running for freedom, running for help. She knew what he could do...


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