Cover up (Entry for competition)

About being the girlfriend of a celebrity!


1. The break up

“Hey hun, I’ll be back at 7, I promise!” Louis smiled is he kissed Jess on the lips for the tenth time that morning. She didn’t believe him, but remained with a goofy grin on her face, concealing her secret dismay…

Jess thought back on her life, wondering how she had managed to fall in love with such an unreliable guy. He had seemed like the perfect boyfriend, especially with him being a celebrity, and the fittest member of a hot new boy-band. She should have known better; she shouldn’t have been so gullible. But it was too late to change that now.

Jess thought about all the good times they had spent together, kissing for ever on the beach, drinking cocktails by their pool in Jamaica, flying in a private jet around the world, being on tour with him and watching his ecstatic smile. Seeing how many fans were screaming his name and making banners for him. But then she remembered the worse times.

Jess thought about all the times he had disappointed her, and let her down day by day. The paparazzi following them everywhere they went and the journalists pestering them – wanting to know every detail of their love life. She recalled all of the shoes and dresses he had bought her, lavishly decorated with jewels, but they were just a cover up. A cover up to hide how bad a boyfriend he is.

Jess thought carefully about how she was going to do this. How she was going to dump the most popular boy in the country, and how newspapers would twist the story against her. But she didn’t care. She just wanted out.

9 arrived, and Louis entered their mansion, with a happy grin on his face. But it fell.

“Louis, we need to talk…”

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