I stared into his eyes, the deek black eyes I had fallen for the very first time I saw him. But something had changed, I couldn't trust him anymore. Those beautiful eyes, the ones i had trusted with my life, all i saw was evil. Red.


2. Two.

I walked through the school halls. My bag dragging on my shoulder, it had been Lydia who convinced me to buy it, now i was starting to regret the decision. Lydia joined me at the canteen, and we waited in line as she told me all about the delicious foods she was about to buy.

'Cookie? No, I'll get fat,' she mumbled to me, unaware my mind was somewhere else. To the table where Jacob sat. He normally sat alone, somedays with James, who was equally as georgous, but with much brighter eyes, they looked almost sour, as if he had tasted something bitter, and his eyes were showing his disgust. James wasn't there most days, and always seemed to dissapear. I dont know where to, even the teachers seemed puzzled to how little he was there and how little they cared.


Today he was alone, staring at his apple, bright red and juicy. Was he going to eat it? His eyes fixed on it as if he was trying to tell it something, wondering why he brought it? 'That's what I'll buy!' I heard Lydia shout across the canteen, already four places in front of me. I pushed through thr crowd, up to Lydia.

'What?' I murmered, realising i must have been stood in the same place while the queue was moving.

'Back from Jess land i see?' she laughed at me.

'Yes, yes. Thanks for telling me the queue was moving!'

'Sorry I thought you might enjoy staring at Jake more..' she walked off, she blonde hair trailing behind her as she picked up a sandwich, and wandered off.

Eugh.I craked my neck and looked for a place to eat. Where was Lydia? Eating with her boyfriend, Callum. I screwed my face up, and i finally caught her eye. She tried to make room, but Callum just moved into that space. Why did he hate me?

Looking around i saw no spaces:

Lydia - Boyfriend

Danielle - ill

Roybn - with Lydia

Sarah - on some special tour with the younger years.

No! I had no-where to sit. Except one place. No. I wouldn't. I couldn't.

Before i had time to think, a hand placed itself warmly on my shoulder, 'Jessica Jano, isn't it?' a cold voice whispered into my ear 'Come and sit with me.' I turned around. Damn it. Behind me stood James, the mysterious boy that sat with Jake.

He led me to the table at the very corner, i could feel my body melt as all eyes fixed on me. Why hadn't i said no? That i wasn't eating in the canteen today, i had something else to do.

'Here we are' He said, his voice trailing off as we approached Jake. Jakes eyes fixed on me, and then firmly on James.

' What have you done' he mouthed, probalby hoping i didn't see. Wow, such a warm welcome to a place i never even wanted to sit in in the first place.

I sat. And then they started talking.


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