I stared into his eyes, the deek black eyes I had fallen for the very first time I saw him. But something had changed, I couldn't trust him anymore. Those beautiful eyes, the ones i had trusted with my life, all i saw was evil. Red.


3. Three

I sat in my seat awkwardly, my fingers wriggling. Jake stared at me most of the time, trying to work me out. Did he think i had chose to sit here? That I wanted to push in? Everything was going so wrong.

' So..' James mumbled, maybe taking back his decision of asking me to join him.

' I'm sorry,' Jake stuttered, 'James shouldn't have asked you to join us here today,' he countinued, a worried look smeared across he face 'your just, not our type.'

'what are you talking about Jake? I thought you said she was hot?' James sniggered

'Would you shut up,' jake stood up and looked down at james, like he was dirt on the floor, 'she's not ready' he sighed and turned away. The deep darkness in his eyes dulled as the words came out of his mouth.

'I'm sorry i have to go...' James rushed off. Great, so now i was back to square one, eating alone at a table. Confused. 

Jakes words replayed in my ears like a broken record. Ready? But ready for what exactly?

Oh. My. Jesus. Had I missed something? Why was I not screaming that James had just said Jake thought I was hot? 

Well... Denying afterwards but. Jake. O m g.

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