I stared into his eyes, the deek black eyes I had fallen for the very first time I saw him. But something had changed, I couldn't trust him anymore. Those beautiful eyes, the ones i had trusted with my life, all i saw was evil. Red.


1. One.

The first time I saw him he must have thought I was crazy. My eyes would glaze over, focusing on him. Sometimes he stared too, but i thought it might have been over fear of me, not anything like this. His eyes were what pulled me in, the deep black eyes that i thought i could look at forever. Turns out, i might have to.

My name is Jessica Jano, I am 16 years old, and I am immortal.


My mind flicked back and forth, thinking about everyting.

Homework monday: Science.

Free lesson tuesday.

He is so georgous.

What is the answer to this question?

He is so georgous.

'Jess, Jess are you listening to me?' my friend Lydia moaned in my ear as the teacher snapped his head at us, urging us to be quiet.

'Yes,' I whispered 'I'm just too busy staring at him' I gigged into Lydia's ear as she let out the most horredous roar in the history of laughs. 'You idiot!' I sighed.

Mr.Terenblue walked up to us, his footsteps dragging behind him. We were in so much trouble.

'Anything you would like to share with the class girls?,' He tapped his fingers lightly on our desk, expecting an answer 'I thought not'

'Actually, Mr.Terenblue, we were just discussing how we think the answer is 9x, but we figured it was wrong, and  thought it was hilarious how incorrect we were!' Lydia shot out, her body swinging from left to right.

'Just don't disrupt the class anymore!' he burst, mumbling as he walked back to his seat. Not happy. You could tell because the wrinkles in his eyes always tensed up, making his pale skin look even more greasy.

'You were saying, Jess?' she giggled. I shot her an evil look, 'C'mon, we didn't get into any trouble did we?' She wriggled left to right, her handwriting a loopy mess.

'I suppose not, but no more laughing. Expecially you.' My eyes finally shot back to him, Jacob. The one I was to obsessed with to listen to my impatient friend. He was so georgous. Everything. His short brown hair that shone in every light, and looked chocolaty and delicous. His chisled features and sculpted chest. And those eyes, the beautiful dark eyes that  hyptonised me, coud get me to do anything. He was perfect. Too perfect.

I looked at my own hair and eyes. My wavy dark hair, that never seemed to straighten - no matter how hard i tried. My pale blue eyes, that could hardly make my Mum give me enough money for town, let alone hypnotise someone to do whatever i wanted. Ugh. Great, he would have to be so desperate, and boys like that don't get desperate.


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