The Lake Of Blood

Jason Louise and his father Johnny move to the forest due to his mother's death. Jason finds a friend named Chris who seems to have a abusive father. Jason tries to help Chris but for some reason Chris doesn't seem to want to be helped. Is it a matter of a pride or a matter of life?


3. The Realization

Jason woke up and realized Chris wasn't there. He probably left, Jason thought to himself. Jason stepped into the living room.
"The old lady told me something very interesting", Johnny stated with a stern look on his face.
"Go ahead I'm listening", Jason replied.
"She said you we're looking for a boy named Chris. She also said you had his favorite fishing pole", Johnny replied.
"What the hell are implying?!", Jason scowled.
"There will be no cussing in this house and I'm not implying anything. But, you shouldn't steal from people who are weaker from you", Johnny said.
"I didn't steal anything", Jason said as he stormed into his bedroom put a clean pair of blue jeans and a graphic t-shirt on. He climbed out of the window running as fast as he could. He tripped and it felt like eeverything was in slow motion. All of the sudden he saw flashes of the past.
"DON'T SNEAK OUT EVER AGAIN!", A man very buff roared as he beat Chris.
Jason winced as he heard that flesh beating sound crack. A tear fell down his cheek.
"Jason where are you?", A smooth voice asked.
Jason cried out looking around and to his surprise a man that looked like the man who beat Chris smirked at Jason.
"So now you know the truth?", The man took a step towards Jason still smirking.
"Uh.. I Don't know what you're talking about," Jason replied scared.
Jason quickly got up, ran as fast he could to his window and jumped in. Closing the window tight, he knew he was in danger.
"Jason there's some man at the door who would like to talk to you," Johnny said.
"Don't open it, I'll explain later!", Jason demanded running to his dad and hugging him tight.
"Jason just tell me now and I can sort this out", Johnny said concerned.
"Well, I snuck out the window and tripped. The next thing I knew I saw visions of a man beating Chris", Jason explained.
"Oh, I see," Johnny replied listening carefully.
Johnny opened the door and the man pointed the gun to Johnny's stomach.
"Get on the ground now!" The voice boomed. Johnny did as he was told, Jason was scared to death.
Jason quickly grabbed a vase, ran behind the man and crashed the vase against his head, it had knocked him out. Jason just stood there shocked about what he had just did.
"Hello? This is the Police Department", A gentle voice said.
Johnny quickly opened the door and said" My son can explain this better than I can."
The police officer while another took the man away.
"Well, A few minutes ago I snuck out. I tripped, I started seeing visions of that man beating my friend Chris Yule," Jason stated.
"Wait? Chris Yule has been dead for ten years but we couldn't find the body!
Suddenly it all made sense now.
"I know where the body is, Chris took me to this fishing spot and it smelt like A decaying dead body. It's right behind this house", Jason said.
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