The Lake Of Blood

Jason Louise and his father Johnny move to the forest due to his mother's death. Jason finds a friend named Chris who seems to have a abusive father. Jason tries to help Chris but for some reason Chris doesn't seem to want to be helped. Is it a matter of a pride or a matter of life?


2. The Fishing Spot

Jason waited outside for Chris and suddenly Chris was in front of Jason. Chris was holding a old fishing pole and a can of worms. Truston was right against Chris's leg. Truston was a dusty brown colored lab. He was bigger than most dogs.
"You ready?", Chris asked.
"I sure am and is that a horse?", Jason asked with a goofy grin on his face.
"Truston Nuh, he's just big for his breed.", Chris replied and laughed. Chris slowly walked with Truston right by his leg and Jason following. When they reached the old fishing spot it reeked like a dead body and a mix of beer. Chris and Jason both held their nose in disgust.
"Whoa, there. Must be one Knarly skunk", Jason said while laughing. Jason gave Chris a cola and got one for himself. He quickly opened the can and took a big sip. Chris attached his bait to his fishing pole and threw his line out. Jason attached the power bait to his fishing pole and threw out his line. Jason took another sip of his cola and relaxed.
"CHRIS GET YOUR ASS INSIDE, WHAT DID I TELL YOU ABOUT SNEAKING OUT?!", A deep voice yelled obviously angered.
Jason jumped up spilling half of his cola and looked around.
"Oh, God. I got to go, thanks for the soda", Chris said and chugged his cola down until it was empty. Chris rushed off and left his fishing pole sitting right next to Jason. Jason looked at the fishing poll confused. He slowly picked the stuff up and followed the large footprints. The footprints led Jason to a old gray Victorian styled house. Jason sighed and looked at the house with Chris's forgotten fishing pole hanging off of his shoulder. He carefully knocked on the door a little scared of what might lurk there.
"Hello child, why is a young man like yourself knocking on my door?", A sweet voice rang out.
Jason noticed a hunched over old lady, silver hair, wrinkles and dark blue eyes.
"Is there a boy named Chris here?", Jason asked her.
"You little rascal!! How dare you bring up Chris", the lady's face twisted in anger.
"I'm sorry I must have of got the wrong Chris", Jason said with sincerity.
"I suggest you leave young man.", The old lady blurted out.
Jason rushed home in confusion.
"How was the fishing trip son?", Johnny asked.
"Well, if you consider getting screamed at by an old lady fun. Then it was good", Jason slammed both of the fishing poles down.
Johnny's face turned bright red making Jason jump at the sight. "Now where the hell is that woman who thinks she has the right to yell at my son", Johnny scowled with a whole lot of pissed off in his voice.
Jason threw his head back and laughed," It's A gray Victorian styled house. 2213 Cabin Row."
"Thanks son, I'll be back soon," Johnny said as he slammed the door and disappeared. Jason loved it when his dad was pissed off. It could be real entertainment. Jason rushed into his room quickly threw his pants and shirt off and climbed into his bed. It was too much excitement for one day for him. He didn't really like it when there was too much fun, yeah everybody thought that was funny but it made perfect sense to him. Jason brushed his silky strand of shaggy chesnut brown hair out of his eye. He fell into a light sleep when about an hour later a knock on his window interrupted his peaceful sleep.
He got out of bed and opened the window when he saw Chris with a sad look on his face.
"Chris what's wrong?", Jason asked."Its nothing, besides mind if I join you for the night?", Chris asked.
"Sure, there's a sleeping bag on the floor.", Jason replied.
Chris reached over and grasped the sleeping bag, a bloody blueish brownish like mark rested on Chris's face.
"Hey, what's that on your face?", Jason asked.
"JUST SHUT UP!!!", Chris screamed.
Jason jumped and remained silent, he fell asleep.
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