Devil May Reprise

*This is a spin of story I created using the characters of my favourite game/anime/manga, Devil May Cry - as well as a more recognised name, Van Helsing* THIS IS NOT SUITABLE FOR YOUNGER VIEWERS!

Gabriel van Helsing is dying and in order to secure the safety of his only daughter, Saiya, he enlists the help of old friend and fellow demon hunter, Dante. However, a deceivingly straight forward mission soon turns into chaos when Dante's feelings for Saiya grow and unknowingly dark secrets about her origins emerge, threatening not only their existence, but the world as we know it as well...


1. Old Friends


Chapter 1 – Old Friends


The day had been boring and long. No one had been into the Devil May Cry office all week and usually Dante didn’t mind, but now he was restless. Morrison hadn’t called in, neither had Trish or Lady which wasn’t like any of them, not even Patty had stopped by as often as usual.

“What the hell has everyone been doing all week?” Dante muttered to himself. He crossed his arms, leaned back on his recliner and put his feet up upon his desk. Dante looked up at the ceiling and began to fantasize of his favourite thing, women, but as he began to undress the first visually stunning brunette he had pictured, the door opened.


In walked in a man. He was well built for someone who was in his late 60s. His hair was short and white with streaks of grey, and all his features were strong and defined, but his face was tired and worn. Despite the man’s aged appearance, Dante could remember those eyes from anywhere.


“Gabriel Van Helsing,” the words rolled off Dante’s tongue, “I haven’t seen you in years!”


Gabriel smiled. He was old and terribly tired yet Dante had seemed to not of aged a single day from when they had last met. “Hello Dante.”


Dante swiftly rose from his lounged position and greeted his old friend.

“What brings you here this evening,” he asked as he offered Gabriel a seat. Gabriel opened his coat and pulled out an envelope. He paused for a second and then gazed over at Dante and handed it to him.

Dante opened it and pulled out the image that was inside. It was a picture of a young, beautiful woman with a body and skin only seen in magazines, as well as bright red hair. Dante started to think he couldn’t of dreamed up a more perfect woman…then he noticed her eyes. He looked over at Gabriel, and stared into the same eyes…


“Her name is Saiya,” Gabriel began, “she’s my daughter.”

“Your daughter? You never said…”

“I’m dying Dante,” Gabriel interrupted, “Cancer, a bloody aggressive one at that, be lucky if I last another week.” Gabriel suddenly burst out a deep laugh, “Funny isn’t it, how I’ve fought demons my whole life, even managed to raise a daughter all on my own, and it’s fucking cancer that’s going to be the death of me.”

Although Gabriel still chuckled on, Dante’s face stayed stern. “What did you want me to do?” he asked.


Gabriel eyed Dante’s concern stricken face and laughed even more, confusing him. “That expression doesn’t suit you son, and you don’t want to end up looking like me.”

His smile was kind and Dante allowed a small laugh to escape him as he brushed a strand of his white hair from his face. “So what do you want…old man,” Dante responded cheekily.

Gabriel’s smile widened. “A favor. I want you to keep her alive.”

Dante gaped at him. His smile was still there put he knew his request was legit.


Dante’s pause made Gabriel panic ever so slightly. He needed Dante to watch over Saiya because as much as she thought she could handle jobs on her own he knew she wasn’t ready. “My daughter strong willed and stubborn and she would no doubt kill me herself if she knew why I was here. She’s also spontaneous and unpredictable and even though they are traits adored for relationships, there are traits that could get her killed in the field. I need you to take her on.”

His eyes burned into Dante’s, the stare so penetrating he quickly adverted his eyes back to the picture he still held.


Even though Gabriel was barely in his 20s when they’d first met, he had always taken charge and showed much more maturity than Dante had ever done in his whole lifetime. Because of that, he was one of the few men Dante truly respected and the only man he saw as a fatherly figure. This girl would be the only true memory he would have of Gabriel’s being… With that thought, Dante made his choice.


Gabriel’s face turned stern. “I’m not accustom to beg boy, in fact I refuse to do so, and therefore I’ll word my request differently. Dante, I want to hire you to…”

“Oh shut your pie hole old man! I’ll do the best I can to keep her alive, I promise. Christ it’s not like you can refuse a dying man his final wish is it.”

Gabriel leaned back and studied Dante then his smile returned. 




Gabriel opened the front door and breathed in the fresh night air before turning to back at Dante. “That’s another thing you’ll find,” he began.

“What?” Dante replied.

“Saiya, she’s incredibly argumentative,” he finished with a grin.

“You know old man, your death might be from natural causes but this girl of yours, will be mine.” Dante said waving the picture towards him.


“I have no doubts about that,” were the last words Dante heard from Gabriel before he disappeared into the night.

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