Devil May Reprise

*This is a spin of story I created using the characters of my favourite game/anime/manga, Devil May Cry - as well as a more recognised name, Van Helsing* THIS IS NOT SUITABLE FOR YOUNGER VIEWERS!

Gabriel van Helsing is dying and in order to secure the safety of his only daughter, Saiya, he enlists the help of old friend and fellow demon hunter, Dante. However, a deceivingly straight forward mission soon turns into chaos when Dante's feelings for Saiya grow and unknowingly dark secrets about her origins emerge, threatening not only their existence, but the world as we know it as well...


2. Funeral


Chapter 2 – Funeral


Dante watched from under a large oak tree in the graveyard as a decorative wooden casket, carried by six average sized men, emerged from the church. A young woman, wearing a long black dress, shortly followed them. Her face was covered by thick lace from her black pillbox hat but her hair was an unmistakable hot red colour that fell in loose curls down her back. That must be Saiya, Dante thought to himself.


The men gently lowered the casket into the freshly dug grave as the priest recited his solemn words. Saiya refused to cry, she was stronger than that, but every inch further her father’s body went into the ground, a piece more of her went with him. The priest words swiftly became nothing but a distant hum as she let the white carnation fall onto the casket.


Eventually the men took up their shovels and the guests began to leave. Saiya’s head started to fill with dark emptiness, for which she was glad. Anything was better than to feel right now and she dreaded the moment when the numbness would subside. Gradually her vision blurred and the corners blackened. Falling to the ground she welcomed the unconscious state beginning to take hold.




Saiya felt as though she was wrapped in a cloud and all around her was it’s soft comforting fleece. Its warmth tingled against her skin. Maybe this is what Heaven feels like, Saiya thought to herself as she burrowed farther inside, Father would certainly love it… Father… Realization suddenly set in like a knife had been plunged into her heart. Her father was dead. The last thing she remembered was his funeral and the sound of dirt hitting the casket then…




Her eyes flashed open and she shot up. Soon enough, her eyes adjusted to the dimly lit room and she was able to make out objects. Saiya was in a large four-poster bed in the center of the room, which had bedside tables on either side. On her left, up against the wall, was a chest of draws that stood in the middle of two large windows adorned with heavy curtains that draped across them. On her right, was another set of draws pushed against a wall, and a door!

A thin strip of light pierced from under it, and silently Saiya un-tangled herself from the thick duvets and cautiously got up from the bed. She noticed that she still wore her funeral dress but her hat and shoes had been removed and were nowhere in sight. Suddenly she remembered that she’d put on a set of throwing knives around her left thigh while getting ready, just in case. However when she moved her hand down over her dress to feel for there presence, they too were absent.

“Shit.” Saiya whispered. She was unarmed and in a strange place, not a good combination.


Warily she sauntered to the door and carefully turned the handle. It was daylight, something she hadn’t expected as well as murmured voices that seemed to come from downstairs. As she commenced down the narrow hallway, the voices became audible.


“Patty if you take that Dante won’t be happy at all.” Morrison stated as he crossed his arms and stared and the young girl who tapped her foot impatiently.

“Morrison, he owes me for this! If it weren’t for me this place would be a dump!!” Patty raised her voice to try triumph Morrison’s deep one. Nevertheless she believed she was right. The first time she came to the Devil May Cry, it was in an utter state of turmoil! But with her feminine touch and cleaning abilities, she’d single handedly spruced the place up. Dante had never repaid her for keeping her services up, so justifiably, she could have it as a form of payment.


Saiya edged closer to the banister and slyly peered over. There was a tall, middle-aged man by the door and a petit young girl at the bottom of the stairs. The man was thin and wore a brown suit. He also had on a cowboy hat, which obstructed Saiya’s view of his face, but judging by the thick beard he styled, his hair was brown. The young girl was very elegant. She wore a pink dress that had a white fringe and puffy sleeves. Her hair was long and blonde, styled in pretty pigtails and her eyes were large, sapphire blue. Saiya leaned over a bit further to see if there was anyone else in the room. Along the side of the staircase was a sofa with a television in front of it. A couple of meters in front of that, a pool table. Then in the middle near the back of the room was a big, antique, mahogany desk and armchair. Another sofa, a fridge and a 80s style jukebox was along the wall to the far left of the desk. But no else appeared to be in sight.


Patty galloped over to Dante’s desk and seized the large strawberry sundae that had just been delivered. The candy pink ice cream matched the colour of her newest dress, which she wore. Patty loved all things pink. She always thought it suited her blue eyes and blonde hair, even everyone at the orphanage thought so too.

“I do believe your asking for trouble if you eat that!” Morrison warned once again.

Patty pranced back towards Morrison and gave him a cheeky smile, then climbed a few steps up the staircase before she settled down to eat the sundae. The smile on Patty’s face continued to beam brighter with each bite and Morrison’s low chuckle quivered throughout the room.


Saiya started to rationalize the situation. They don’t seem like much of a threat and I don’t think they’re demons, so maybe they saw me black out and decided to look after me… Even if that’s not the case, I think I can take them. She’d made up her mind. It might not work out as simple as it sounded but she would just walk straight out the door.

As she was just about to make the first step towards the stairs, a door just to the left of the desk opened.


Dante ruffled his hair with the towel to try dry the last damp strands. “Has my sundae not arrived yet? I thought if I ordered it before I had a shower, it would be here by the time I got out!”


“You mean, that sundae?” Morrison said as he motioned his head and pointed his thumb in Patty’s direction.

Patty placed the empty glass bowl down and giggled.

“Patty, what the hell? That was mine! I ordered it for ME!” Annoyed, Dante chucked his damp towel at Patty. Patty half laughed, half screamed and scrambled further up the stairs but suddenly stopped.


Everyone now stared at Saiya. She couldn’t move. Too fascinated by the scene that had just unfolded before her eyes. She’d never seen anything like it before and it was the “normal, family squabble over something silly” she had always imagined but never experienced. Surprisingly, she laughed.


She was so much more beautiful than the picture Gabriel had shown him. He thought she looked like an angel when he carried her back from the funeral but she was even more of a vision when she laughed. Dante was lost for words. But as her laugh ceased, he found his speech. “I’m glad you’re awake and alright, you’ve been out for a while.”


Saiya looked down at the man. He looked about in his late 20s contrary to his white hair that came just above his shoulders. Despite his hair sweeping over most of his face, his icy blue eyes and white stubble were visible. He just wore a pair of black leather trousers and boots, which left his muscular chest and arms on display. He was absolutely gorgeous.

Saiya forced herself to focus on her situation. She still didn’t know where she was and who they were, plus, her “walk straight out the front door” plan had just gone to shit.


“What do you mean been out a while?” she enquired.

“You’ve been asleep for about 2 days.” Dante moved slowly towards the bottom of the staircase.

Morrison glanced at the two. “Come on Patty. I’ll take you for lunch. That’s if you’re not full already.”

He beckoned the girl down the stairs and although hesitant at first, she obeyed with a finally look at the woman on the landing.

Saiya watched the man and young girl as they walked out of the door. It seemed to her that this predicament was no more dangerous than the strawberry sundae they argued over.

“My name is Dante by the way. I was a friend of your fathers.”

 That regained her attention. Dante…? Where had she heard that name before… Although her initial fear of her dilemma had subsided, she cautiously made her way down the stairs. She stopped on the last step so she was face to face with Dante. As they eyed one another, Saiya realized he was nothing more than a primitive man. If a potentially risky situation unfolded, she knew her body would be an adequate distraction. With this in mind, her confidence grew.


Dante saw so much of a young Gabriel in her and as he observed her scan every element of his being, he felt an imaginary string attach himself to her. He wasn’t the sentimental type but something about this woman standing before him, made him feel differently. She was going to be a challenge that was for sure, a challenge he very much knew he’d enjoy.  Eventually her eyes finally met his once again.

“You have his eyes.” Dante unwittingly said after a moments pause.

She brushed past him. Just the reminder of him made her stomach pang and twist. She wasn’t ready to deal with that emotion and pushed it aside. Her mind started to set on work so she didn’t have time to reminisce. If she’d been unconscious for two day it meant she missed her meeting with Doc and another job had slipped through her fingers. If I go to the tavern, I’m sure Barney will have a job lined up for me, he always does Saiya contemplated.


“Where are my things?” She asked as she crossed her arms. Dante’s back was still to her. He waited until the sound of her frustration became audible by a huge sigh.

“On the desk,” he eventually said. He closed his eyes and listened to the soft pad of her bare feet moving across the room and then the tingle of metal as she gathered her stuff.

Suddenly, the sound of ripping material echoed across the room and Dante whipped around. Saiya had ripped her dress along the side and her leg was raised onto the desk. Next, she strapped the knives around her thigh.


His eyes caressed over the movement in detail and it made him throb in the most intimate places.

Saiya brought her leg swiftly down and gathered her shoes and hat then looked at Dante. The corners of his mouth were tilted up in a small smile and a flash of desire gleamed from his eyes. Men. Saiya thought, minds lost in the gutter. However she was still glad that even in mourning, she was still able to make anything with a dick swoon.

“You know,” Dante began, “Gabriel wanted me to watch over you, train you.”

Saiya headed over to the door and placed her hand on the handle. She regarded Dante over her shoulder. “I’m perfectly capable of looking after myself. I don’t need some backstreet boy following me around who thinks he can protect me from things that go bump in the night.”


Just as Saiya opened the door a crack, Dante’s large hand appeared on hers and pushed it back into the frame. His body was so close to hers that she could feel the heat of his skin radiate against her back and it felt good. Dante lowered his head down into her neck brushing his lips near her ear; but still, the only contact made was his hand on hers.

Dante let out a low chuckle that sent a pleasant chill throughout Saiya’s body. “Baby,” he began in a deep seductive whisper. “I am the thing that goes bump in the night.”


Saiya turned around to face him completely. “You know,” she began as she place both of her hands on his chest, gently guiding him away from the door. “I’ve been warned not to get to close to men like you.”

Her demeanor was flirtatious, something Dante hadn’t expected. Honestly he regretted what he said as soon as he said it, fearing she would mark him a pervert and phone the police – well that’s what most women did - but instead, here she stood in front of him, with her hands comfortably on his chest, playing along.

“Now why would your father tell you something like that and then leave me to look after you?” Dante’s smirk broadened.


With a final shunt, Saiya pushed Dante against the side of the sofa nearly knocking him onto it. Once again she saw that flash of desire flicker in his eyes as he steadied himself to sit on the arm of the sofa.

“It wasn’t my father who warned me,” she said opening the door once again.


Without another word being said, Saiya swiftly left for the tavern. 

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