Devil May Reprise

*This is a spin of story I created using the characters of my favourite game/anime/manga, Devil May Cry - as well as a more recognised name, Van Helsing* THIS IS NOT SUITABLE FOR YOUNGER VIEWERS!

Gabriel van Helsing is dying and in order to secure the safety of his only daughter, Saiya, he enlists the help of old friend and fellow demon hunter, Dante. However, a deceivingly straight forward mission soon turns into chaos when Dante's feelings for Saiya grow and unknowingly dark secrets about her origins emerge, threatening not only their existence, but the world as we know it as well...


3. Barney's Tavern


Chapter 3 – Barney’s Tavern


The composition of loud cheers, clinking glasses and young women giggling was like music to Saiya’s ears. Although the sound would have probably deterred any ordinary person from entering, to her, the havoc of the demon bar was comforting and familiar, a feeling she definitely needed.

Saiya weaved her way through the masses of large, burly men and creatures that swarmed around the randomly dotted platforms in the warehouse. Each platform occupied by a half naked goddess seductively dancing around a pole or chair, in rhythm with the pulsing rock music. After a few forceful shoves, Saiya reach her destination, the bar, where she then fiercely banged on the wood. “Hey bar keep! Can I get some service over here!” She yelled at the top of her lungs.


A dreary looking man drying a glass turned around. His hair was a dark brown streaked with grey that was tied back in a ponytail. His face was deeply wrinkled and blotchy with large bags that settled underneath his sunken grey eyes and heavy brow. He wasn’t a large or well-built man but he did have a slight beer gut emphasized only by the light grey shirt that he tucked into his black trousers and black waistcoat that was just a size too small.


The man’s eyes searched down the line of bar for the source of the shout and eventually he saw Saiya. A large grin spread across his face revealing crooked, tar stained teeth. He beamed with delight. Slamming the glass onto the bar, he threw the towel over his shoulder and charged in her direction. “Saiya, my girl!” He bellowed. His arms opened wide as he made his way toward her. Soon enough, she was swallowed in his tight embrace. “It’s so good to see you’re alive!”

“Hey Barney,” was all she was able to say.


Once she’d been released, Barney escorted her into the back room. With the door shut, the noise from the tavern became nothing but a distant muffle.

Barney walked over to a small kitchen area in the far corner of the room and pulled two glasses out of the cupboard as well as a crystal bottle filled with clear liquid.

Saiya sat down at the small table that lay in the center of the room while Barney placed the drinks onto it.


For a moment they sat there quietly and sipped their drinks. Eventually Barney broke the silence. “Where have you been girl? You didn’t come here after the funeral. At first I thought fair enough, maybe you needed some space, but then you disappeared on me for nearly three days! Child, I thought something had happened to you!”


His hand reached over and covered hers. “I’m sorry Barn, you shouldn’t worry about me I can take care of myself.” There was a hint of frustration in her tone. How many times would she have to repeat this line!

“I know you can, my child, but still… I worry. You’re like a daughter to me and I promised Gabriel I’d keep you safe.”


Abruptly Saiya stood up, knocking over her chair. “Jesus Christ!” She roared. “Why does he insist on mollycoddling me?” She let out a short sarcastic laugh and ran her fingers through her hair. “Did you know Barn, he’s got some other devil hunter shadowing me. Says his name is Dante.”


“Dante?” Barney replied distantly, as though deep in thought.

“Yeah, you know him?” She asked as she edged closer to him.

He stared up at her sternly. “I know of him, so do you.” Confusion struck across Saiya’s face and Barney knew her mind had failed her. I wonder if she even listens to what I say sometimes? He pondered. Ultimately he decided to start her off. “Remember the stories of Sparda I used to tell you when you were a little girl to comfort you while your father left on that London assignment?”

“Of course!” she exclaimed. “It was my favourite…” Her voice trailed off as she remembered all the stories recited to her in front of the fire on those cold winter evenings. Her eyes bulged in realization. Unexpectedly she lashed out at the fallen chair, kicking it across the room. She felt so annoyed at herself for not realizing sooner.

“He’s a son of Sparda!” she exasperated.

“Yes,” he replied, his faith in her mind slightly more restored.


Barney’s mind then travelled to more recent matters at hand and he glared at Saiya. No words were said as they both mentally asked the same question. Would Dante get in the way of the job at hand…?




Dante had followed Saiya to a large run down building near the outskirts of the city. He’d tracked her closely as she hastily laced her way in and out of alleyways. Sometimes, he even had to jog in order to keep her in his sights.

She had entered the warehouse nearly 30 minutes ago and instead of going in, Dante had just perched himself on top of a high ledge over looking it. However as the minutes ticked by he got impatient and even more curious as to what she was up to. Soon enough, he leaped down and entered the warehouse though the same beat up, blue side door Saiya had previously gone through.


Instead of arriving in a large disheveled room that he would of expected to be on the other side of the door, Dante found himself in a long, narrow corridor. The place smelt damp and moldy, as well as a discreet scent of tobacco that wafted within the passageway. Electric wiring ran along both of the sidewalls, every now and then leading to a dimly lit or in some cases broken light. Never in a million years would he have believed that Saiya had walked down here on numerous occasions, but yet he was, following her tracks. Eventually a much larger, luminescent red glow emanated from around a sharp bend in the corridor. The sound of muffled female giggling and thundering, deep male voices shouting and cheering as well as heavy claps of music began to echo around him as arrived at the corner. A Night Club perhaps? Dante pondered. Well Saiya does come across as the type of girl who likes to party… Cautiously, Dante edged his head round the corner. There was another door.


It was a massive and dark mahogany brown with intricately carved symbols and patterns engraved on it. It was astonishingly beautiful, certainly much more inviting than the previous door. Gazing further at the design, Dante noticed that seven pointed stars, pentagrams and various other demonic symbols appeared all over the door. He began questioning whether the hidden place was some sort of demon bar… Looking up, his attention came to the source of the red light. It was a large red neon sign, Barney’s Tavern.


Dante smirked and caressed his two pistols that settled in his gun holster. “Well, they better serve strawberry sundaes.” He muttered under his breath as he pushed the door open.

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