Who am I?

Paige is a normal 16 year old: loves hanging out with friends, spending time with her boyfriend and spending time with 'family.' but all that changes after she takes a closer look at her birth certificate. She is angry with her 'parents' And rebels.little des she know her actions could drastically change her future as her world crumbles in front of her...


10. Chapter 9

When I woke up Saturday morning I felt so sick. Although, most Saturdays I felt like this. Every Saturday I have the dreaded hangover. But never as bad as this. I was lent over the toilet for a couple of hours. "Are you a.right in there?" I think Julia's motherly instincts kicked in, (even though she's not my mother.) I should have realised this before.
They all had jet black hair, whereas I had bleach blonde hair.
They have blue eyes, I have green.
Julia has a oval snapped face and I have heart.
Nothing is the same.
"I'M FINE!" I snapped.
"Ok well if you need anything just tell me."
I heard a couple of sniffs and footsteps were slowly going down the hall, getting quieter as she got further away.

After 3 hours I still hadn't moved away from the toilet.
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