Who am I?

Paige is a normal 16 year old: loves hanging out with friends, spending time with her boyfriend and spending time with 'family.' but all that changes after she takes a closer look at her birth certificate. She is angry with her 'parents' And rebels.little des she know her actions could drastically change her future as her world crumbles in front of her...


6. Chapter 5

When I woke up on Wednesday morning nothing was the same. I couldn't look at my 'Mum' or 'Dad' in the same way, knowing who they really are. "Good morning. You were sleep walking last night. I heard some rustling and thought you were a burglar. I was ready to jump up and get my bat" my Dad laughed.
"Very funny." I replied.
"What's up sweetie. Do you not feel well."
"No. Not really. Can I have the day off school? I have a booming headache. They would only send me home anyway." I said this in a 'sorry for myself ' voice. They would both be working today and I needed to have another look at my birth certificate.
"Ok then. I just want you to get better."

It was 9:01 when Mum and Dad left. I was mopping around the house for a while because I wasn't sure if they were going to come back. In the end, it turns out they didn't. I creaked Dad's office door open. Yeah, it was still the same skanky little room. I wasn't sure if I was just dreaming. I hopped I was; but I wasn't. My Mum and my Dad are the Maxwells. I don't know any Maxwells. Whenever I have asked 'Mum' and 'Dad' about when I was born, they always said it was a lovely story. I was at my 'Grandma' and 'Granadads' when all the family was having a Sunday roast. Then... You know. The ambulance rushed to their house and picked up my Mum. But, I was already born. As soon as I came out I was their little angel...but I'm not. I wonder what I was like. I need to find my parents...
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