Who am I?

Paige is a normal 16 year old: loves hanging out with friends, spending time with her boyfriend and spending time with 'family.' but all that changes after she takes a closer look at her birth certificate. She is angry with her 'parents' And rebels.little des she know her actions could drastically change her future as her world crumbles in front of her...


5. Chapter 4

At about 1:36 the stopped. I heared their bedroom door shut. Slilently, I crept down the stairs, through the kitchen and stood outside the front room door. When I walked in, I saw my dad, lying there, snoring. Was I gonna brave looking for and through the files...HELL YEAH! I need to know what they ment.

37 minutes later I had looked through everything I could in the front room without waking dad up. He was an accountant so he had to have his own office. But I wasn't allowed in. Who cares? I crawled on my hands and knees out the front room into Dads office. I thought it would look different. It turns out it was just a small cupboard with wallpaper peeling off. Like any other part of the house really. I saw a draw with my name on. I opened the draw and at the back was my birth certificate
MOTHERS NAME: Gerogia Saft
I had to stop reading.
They aren't my parents....
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