Who am I?

Paige is a normal 16 year old: loves hanging out with friends, spending time with her boyfriend and spending time with 'family.' but all that changes after she takes a closer look at her birth certificate. She is angry with her 'parents' And rebels.little des she know her actions could drastically change her future as her world crumbles in front of her...


12. Chapter 11

I woke up in a hospital bed seeing various wires going in and out of me. "Pagie? Pagie? Paige are you awake? I'm Dr. Smith." I looked around and all I saw was a white and blue room with me stuck in the middle.
"Where am I?" I asked.
"Your in hospital." I sat up. Dr. Smith was reasonably young and had black slicked back hair. In a strange way is blue hair and small beard made him seem kind of cute. "Your mum is in the room next door. Would you like to see her?"
I stared and folded my arms. "No."
"Are you sure? You havn't seen her in a while. You might have some questions about what happened." he put his arm around me trying to help me up, but I just shrugged him off.
"I know exactly what happened...she tried to kill me. But, I do have a question. Well, a couple actually."
"Go on...."
"Dose the hospital have records of all the babies born here?"
"Yes you would need to go to floor 4 and follow the signs saying 'Records.' Do you have anymore questions?"
I nodded. "Yes, can I phone my boyfriend?"
"Ofcourse, if you get up and turn right you will find the main desk, ask if you can borrow the phone. Will that be all."
"Yes, thank you very much." He smiled and walked out.

I waited until I couldn't see him anymore and jumped out of bed. When I crept out I saw a room with a big glass window, anne inside was my Julia. She had a doctor and a couple of nurses round her. One of which was changing her drip. She didn't open her eyes. I kept walking and waited for a lift to come. When it did, there was a mother and daughter with bruises and scratches on. They tried to smile but they couldn't. I pressed floor 4 and waited and waited and waited. It's was about midnight so it was silent. I didn't find a sign but found a small desk with glass covering it. A small lady was sitting inside. "Can I help you darlin'?"
"Yes, my name is Paige Maxwell. Can you see if I was born here?"
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