My Life.

Ruth has been through a lot. Her parents have just got divorced and her pet kitten Laura is all she has left. Her few close friends are drifting away from her and even the teachers look at her like a dirty piece of used chewing gum. Ruth starts to write a diary about her life and the way everything is affecting her but will anybody realise what is happening before it's too late?


3. 5th July 2012

I haven't written in my diary because nothing much has changed. I have no friends at school now at all everyone's turned against me thanks to Dave. What an amazing friend. He twisted our argument into a tale that shows me up a mean,horrible girl who kicked his shin and sucked up to the headmaster telling the teacher that 'Dave tried to kill me'.. You'd think the story was unbelievable but surprisingly most the school took to the rumour and believed it.

Mum is really not herself. She just sits on the sofa and stares into space. Sometimes I hear her walking around the garden outside when I'm asleep just muttering to herself. She hasn't been to work in days - I'm really worried bout her health, and her job.

When I got home from school the other day the phone started ringing. I went to answer it but Mum told me not to, and that it wouldn't be important. the person left a message and I listened to it in secret later on that evening. It was from mum's boss and it said;

'Hello Emma, it's Penny. I understand that under certain circumstances coming to work for you is hard but I politely request that you come. We are struggling without you in the office and if you do not attend work within the next 8-10 days I am afraid I will have to take more serious action.'

This message worries me...already I am having to go and get the shopping myself, milk, cereal, pasta, beans,bread. I cook me and Mum basic meals like beans on toast but Mum just thanks me and scrapes it round her plate. To buy the food I've had to get money out of Mum's wallet but its rapidly running out.

I'm only thirteen...grown-ups are supposed to deal with situations like this not children. I need some help.

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