My Life.

Ruth has been through a lot. Her parents have just got divorced and her pet kitten Laura is all she has left. Her few close friends are drifting away from her and even the teachers look at her like a dirty piece of used chewing gum. Ruth starts to write a diary about her life and the way everything is affecting her but will anybody realise what is happening before it's too late?


8. 30th July

That's it...I'm running away. I'm leaving this diary on my school desk...who's knows maybe one day it will get published like Anne Frank's diary. Where to? I don't know and don't care just...away. Mum? I've left her a note,she's well enough to care for herself now and I'll miss her. But anything to get anyway from the torture. My school bag is packed all ready to run away Laura my kitten (all I've got left) is hiding in my pocket ears sticking out. I have food, a little money and my clarinet and some music sheets. I gave up ages ago but who knows I might be able to earn a little money busking to keep me alive.



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