My Life.

Ruth has been through a lot. Her parents have just got divorced and her pet kitten Laura is all she has left. Her few close friends are drifting away from her and even the teachers look at her like a dirty piece of used chewing gum. Ruth starts to write a diary about her life and the way everything is affecting her but will anybody realise what is happening before it's too late?


7. 28th July

The bullying is getting worse. Mum is getting better. Always look on the bright side of life so they say. But how can I do that when I dread waking up in the morning? At school I have no friends. There is the same routine day in day out.

I get to school, my bag gets emptied into the road,dustbin,car boot wherever takes their fancy.

I run to first period as quickly as I can. I keep my head down and I don't say a word. My levels have dropped completely, after all who likes a nerd? Not that it's made any difference. They don't care if I get a fail in my exams - it makes no odds to them.

I spend all of my breaks and lunches in the library and get shot sympathetic  looks from our elderly librarian as I re-read the same book every day.

I sprint home and cry myself to sleep.

When will this torture end...

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