My Life.

Ruth has been through a lot. Her parents have just got divorced and her pet kitten Laura is all she has left. Her few close friends are drifting away from her and even the teachers look at her like a dirty piece of used chewing gum. Ruth starts to write a diary about her life and the way everything is affecting her but will anybody realise what is happening before it's too late?


5. 26th July

Yeah so I haven't written in this diary for ages but I'll tell you how my life has been in one word.


Do you know what it feels like to be treated like dirt? Like you mean nothing? As if there was no reason what so ever as to why you were born? I do.

Mum is still ill, I can't persuade her to go to the doctors...she won't listen. She hasn't said a word for ages. 

Something has changed in my tonight. I'm going to change my life. Make an effort. Get mum back up to her strength. Show the school I'm not a doormat. Wish me luck.


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