My Life.

Ruth has been through a lot. Her parents have just got divorced and her pet kitten Laura is all she has left. Her few close friends are drifting away from her and even the teachers look at her like a dirty piece of used chewing gum. Ruth starts to write a diary about her life and the way everything is affecting her but will anybody realise what is happening before it's too late?


9. 24th August

This is Jenny,Dave and Olivia. Well it's Dave writing but it's from all of us. We are so sorry for what we did...we didn't realise how out of hand it was getting. Ruth's been gone for almost a whole month without any signs. We found her diary and the whole class was so ashamed. The year was ashamed,the teacher's were ashamed,her Mum was ashamed. We are all ashamed that we did nothing to help Ruth. Only God knows where Ruth is now. We daren't even propose was might have happened to her. This diary is not going to be published,but thrown into the river where Ruth sometimes sat by herself as we threw stones at he and mocked her. It will be in a waterproof bag and if you find it...please read it and think twice before you bully someone. Think how they feel. Don't make the mistake that we did.

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