The 15 Year old with twins

Lily was 14 nearly 15 when she started to become popular at school. She met this boy called Sam, who she really likes. Lily has a massive crush on sam. She was at a part when sam was there, both Lily and Sam were flirting with each other. Sam got Lily drunk and then slept with her. Lily hadn't talked to sam after that night for 3 months when she sent Sam a text. Sam had read the text only to find out that she is pregnant with his Child (they thought at the time it was one). The both had a big shock when Lily had her baby scan and found out it was twins. When Sam's and Lily's parents found out after about a month of Lily biengn pregant they went mad.


1. Introduction

Hi, I’m lily, I’m 15 years old, and I am a mother of twins, you maybe thinking that I   am very young, I am but that’s down to me and my boyfriend making a mistake that changed out life forever, it’s not a mistake that I regret but is one that will be with me forever, I love my twins, Shanie and Summer, they are adorable… but just because baby’s are adorable you need to make sure you have hade you life before creating there’s, I was young but I didn’t care I didn’t realise what the consequences would be, but I soon found out, here is my story:

4:30pm (after school)

Yes! My alarm clock woke me up today, and my phone reminded me that it was the last day of the summer before we break up. Party!! My mates and I were going out to party, to celebrate the summer holidays, it was also my friend’s birthday, Megan, she is going to be 14, I have got her a new dress, and it’s purple and has golden sequins on it. Today I started to chat to this boy who I have liked for ages, his name is Sam, he is 14 the same as me, I think that he is going to be going to the party as well, I can’t wait.



Only 3 hours and 15 minutes until the party!



Panic!!! I have just realised that my sister has used all my makeup on her stupid plastic dolls.



Panic over, I can borrow mums.



Uh oh, only 1 hour left and I cannot find my dress, it’s strapless and is lilac and tight not flared with glitter all over it.



Finally ready, only 30 minutes left, I’m really nervous now, if Sam is there what do I do, be myself or be someone else, someone better.



Oh my god, Sam is there with Megan, how dare she take my dream boy, how dare she??



Decision is made I’m going to be myself, I’m walking over now and I’m really scared.



I started talking to Megan.

“Hey Megs”

“Hey babe, how are you?”

“Yeah, good thanks what about you?”

“Yeah, good cheers”

“You and Sam” I faked a cough

“Me and Sam?”


“God, no”

“Oh, just wondered”






Phew!!! Thank you god, I was so scared that she was going to say they were going out, I walk over to Sam, I bought him some flowers, to say thank you for picking up my school books at school today


“Hey Sam” “Hey Man, How’s you?”

“Yeah, I’m good cheers, how are you?”

“Could not be better thanks”


Then he winked, I think he really likes me as well.


“Enjoying the party?”

“yeah, It’s going good so far, I will be back in a minute”



“I uh…..bought these for you”


I handed him the flowers.


“um… you shouldn’t of have, thank you”


The he kissed me on my cheek.


“He really does seem to like you”

I heard a voice whisper in my ear I turned around and realised it was Megan.

Sorry I havent seem to of finished this story



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