Carnival Fantasia

Marana Scarlet is coming....what will you do? .....What will you do?


14. The Necromancer and the Miasma

Summoner was the nice way of putting it but Necromancer had a better ring to it as it got straight to the point as to what his job entitled, it also struck people with fear as they knew what it involved. 

No-one however knew that Cruxus  the Necromancer had taken up residence in the underground lair, Hollow-bastion, underneath the plain of Ash and Dust. For no one knew that the bastion even existed. 

But it did. 

And Cruxus had found it. 

Cruxus gnawed at his dirty fingernails with a mixture of anxiety, inpatients and anticipation as he stared down into the liquid miasma, from the top of the stairs that led down into it and around the dingy dungeon. 

Roots from trees had broken through the roof and turned the place wiled.   

The Necromancer wore a full black cloak and cowl, his full wooden mask with small horizontal slits for eyes and a thin line for the mouth had been pushed up a little so he could bite his nails. Something he would not do if other were around. 

The miasma shifted as if fish were swimming in it but no fish would survive in that. 

The Miasma however is a living thing. 

It could show you things. 

I can tell you things. 

And it can, only when the time is right, make your deepest and darkest wish come true. 

The miasma was certainly a mysterious thing.

That is why Cruxus was here to study the miasma. 

And in turn. 

The miasma had studied him. 

So complex and puzzling is the miasma that it is without a doubt beyond human comprehension. 

Cruxus here only thought he understood it but the more he studied it the more he became to understand that he in fact knew nothing about it and it ate at him, literally, and turned him into the thing his is today a walking corpse. 


He and the miasma had come to a mutual understanding.

It showed him some knew arrivals that had just stepped onto the plain of Ash and Dust above , A giant knight dressed in full shoddy armour with long dark violet hair and a girl dressed in the colour of blood sat on his shoulder.

A sudden surge of fear made him shudder, "Cruxus recognises that fear," the necromancer rasped, pondering to himself. The fear he felt, it was that girl on the knights shoulder, the crimson hair and eyes, it was all to nostalgic. "Cruxus knows this fear. Cruxus has not felt this feeling for a long time. She has the same presence as Marana Scarlet but Marana Scarlet is dead, she died twelve years ago by Caim Hunter. Cruxus hates Caim Hunter". The necromancer clicked his finger a habit he did when thinking deeply. 

The miasma made Cruxus think it said Marana Scarlet never entered the land of the dead, the afterlife. 

"Is that so, so Marana Scarlet is still among the living, in the form of this child". Cruxus steered at the little girl and could see the resemblance clearly despite him knowing his master to be taller and more developed in curtain areas. "Cruxus is confused if Marana Scarlet is still alive then why did she not seek out Cruxus, has she forgotten about poor old Cruxus the Necromancer? Has she forgotten how Cruxus created her an army of reanimated abominations?" he stood up and paced around the miasma. "It's that knight isn't it, she thinks he's better than Cruxus but Cruxus will always be Marana's personal and only bodyguard. He has no right to take that from Cruxus!" he slammed his fist into the wall fuming. 

The Miasma made Cruxus think it said Marana was just using you for your abilities and now that she has found someone else, your services are no longer required.

"But Marana said she needed Cruxus". 

The Miasma made Cruxus think it said if Marana said she needed you why didn't she seek you first, it is obvious that she does not require your services, it is most likely that you are just a disposable pawn to her. 

"Thats not true!" Cruxus yelled at the Miasma. 

The Miasma made Cruxus think it said but your survives have been useful to me. 

The Necromancer tilted his head to one side slightly. 

The Miasma continued to make Cruxus think it said Marana is week now and you are strong, grown in power you have, more than Marana could ever dream for, Cruxus who should be the master and the pawn now?

"Cruxus is stronger than Marana Scarlet?" The necromancer said stunned thinking heavily, "If Cruxus is stronger than Marana Scarlet then that should make Cruxus the master and Marana Scarlet the disposable pawn". The Necromancer liked the sound of that, Master, to be a Master. "If Cruxus were master than Marana Scarlet would have to follow my orders and it would be me that stands on her head like she used to", A low giggle escaped him which turned into a side splitting psychotic laugh, "But wait!" he snapped suddenly, "Cruxus would have to betray Marana Scarlet, Cruxus swore loyalty to Marana Scarlet, if Cruxus betrays Marana Scarlet then Cruxus would be punished". 

The Miasma made Cruxus think it said fear not if you are to fight against Marana Scarlet you will be the one to stand and she the one to fall, this is your deepest darkest wish, think not of your sworn loyalty, think not of her power. It is your destiny to lead the scourge upon the world and wear the Crown of the Worlds Hatred. 

Cruxus the Necromancer remained silent contemplating everything that had just been said. For four years he had served Marana and for twelve he had been waiting for her return only when she did, "Marana has betrayed me!" Cruxus whispered, "And betrayal is punishable by death. Marana is old news to Cruxus, Cruxus will crush Marana's skull under his feet and then Cruxus will be the new king of the Hatred of the World". The Necromancer called Cruxus laughed and laughed. 

All the while the Miasma schemed away.                                  
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